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  1. jdbenson

    Question about a Stetson

    Brent - I like tall crowns, too. I have two Campdraft fedora, mainly because I have never been able to find a fedora with a taller crown. What have you found with taller crowns?
  2. jdbenson

    Waist bag suggestions

    Most times, my EDC can easily fit in my pockets, so I don't often carry a bag, but I do have two shoulder bags for days when extra gear is needed. For most days, I find that my reproduction of a military map case shoulder bag is perfect. One compartment big enough to hold a ipad/tablet or a...
  3. jdbenson

    Clean/renovate interior of old leather briefcase

    If it is truly the rough inside of the leather, then you can probably look up how to clean rough-out leather boots or suede leather boots and follow the same process. There is some suede/rough-out leather cleaners out there as well. I'd be wary of using saddle soap, as it can strip the oils out...
  4. jdbenson

    Sweat stains ruining felt hats & panamas: is that a real thing?

    Yeah, the Sunbodies are definitely heavier, and much more casual. But they are much more rugged. If I knew I would be outside for an extended period on hot days, I would always pour a cup of water into the hat. The evaporation kept me cool. Unfortunately, my old sunbody is starting to fall...
  5. jdbenson

    Sweat stains ruining felt hats & panamas: is that a real thing?

    Yes, sweat can stain a hat, but even worse can happen due to sweat. A couple of years back, I bought a mid-priced genuine panama off of ebay. In spite of the listing claiming it had a leather sweatband, it came with a padded cotton sweatband. The seller claimed the correct hat was sent to me...
  6. jdbenson

    Finding boots

    The best I can think of is a Chelsea or Beatle boot like this... https://www.sixtiesbeatwear.co.uk/boots/mens-original-chelsea-boots/original-chelsea-black-calf-leather.html
  7. jdbenson

    Good source for Vintage Watches?

    Like you I love vintage watches, but I don't have $900 to spend on a watch...I opted for a new Timex that is a reissue of a 60s watch, the Marlin. Manual wind, simple design, but I think it has an understated simple elegance...
  8. jdbenson

    The " big 2 " in budget denim

    I wore Levi's most of my life, with a small period of wearing Lee's jeans in college. At some point Levi's stopped fitting me so well. About two years ago, I tried the Cowboy Cut Wranglers and never went back. I love the high waist, and I've not had any problems accessing either the front or...
  9. jdbenson

    What color pants would you wear the shirt with?

    I disagree, I think black trousers or a mid- to dark charcol grey would be fine with that shirt. I do agree that "fall/autumn" colors will work best. Me personally I would go with a deep muted navy or a blue/grey
  10. jdbenson

    70% off too good to be true?

    They do not have a secure site for ordering/purchasing, so my knee-jerk is that this is a scam. You could always contact Red Wing directly and ask if they are aware....
  11. jdbenson

    Dickies tag

    All the laundry symbols decoded, courtesy of Whirlpool: https://www.whirlpool.com/blog/washers-and-dryers/washer-care-symbol-guide.html
  12. jdbenson

    Boot heel protectors

    As Reynard says, there are metal heel taps, and there are plastic and vinyl ones as well. I usually buy the plastic/vinyl ones and nail them to the heels of all my shoes (except my athletic shoes, of course). I have a tendency to plant my heel pretty hard when I walk, and I turn my toes a bit...
  13. jdbenson

    WTB: Rough Out Boots sz 11D

    These were Ralph Lauren's take on a WWII rough out service boot. They've got pretty good reviews in general, and are pretty hard to find. At this price they're a bargain... https://www.ebay.com/itm/255059955943?epid=18044019540&hash=item3b62c210e7:g:t0QAAOSwTeNg9kCD
  14. jdbenson

    Trouser legs catching in shoes – part 2

    I've had something similar happen to me, but it had nothing to do with the length of the trousers, it was the fabric. I had a couple of pairs of trousers that were prone to collecting and holding static electricity. This cause the tousers to cling to my ankles and sock, catching on my shoes...
  15. jdbenson

    Stacy Adams Madisons- will they bend straight?

    My experience is no, they will not flatten out with wear, but will probably get more upturned. If you want to combat this, there's a few things you can do: Clean the leather. Some people reccomend using saddle soap, but unless the leather is really filthy, I find a wipe with a damp cloth is...
  16. jdbenson

    Three Vintage Safety Razors

    I'm gauging interest in three vintage safety razors. I really don't know if they're worth fixing up/keeping/selling or if I should just throw them away. First is a Gillette Super-Speed flare-bottom TTO. Based on the date markings (C1) I believe this dates from early 1957. Razor still...
  17. jdbenson

    Bourbon Discussion Thread

    Evan Williams also makes a Bottled In Bond bourbon that is great, especially as it usually costs around $20 US
  18. jdbenson

    A question about vintage (/repro) denim...

    I don't have a pair of 505s to compare or measure, but I don't think they are the same. The last time I tried on 505s the rise was not as high as the 13MWZs.
  19. jdbenson

    A question about vintage (/repro) denim...

    I'm going put in another recommendation for the Wrangler Cowboy Cut 13MWZ. Heavy 14.75 oz denim, a high rise and most importantly (for me) the back pockets are posititioned higher up, closer to your waistline, so you don't sit on your wallet when you sit down. I just bought a pre-washed pair...
  20. jdbenson

    You know you are getting old when:

    You know you're getting old when it starts to hurt to do some things that used to be pain free. Things like sleep.

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