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  1. Ridedeluxehd

    Schott Perfecto Size 40

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schott-Perfecto-Leather-Jacket-118-Size-44/223772770112 I've owned this jacket for several years now and have really love wearing it. I comes from a smoke free and clean home. As you can see it has been loved and well cared for. These jackets are amazing. All zippers...
  2. Ridedeluxehd

    US WINGS A2 Leather Jacket

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-WINGS-A-2-Seal-Brown-Leather-Flight-Jacket-Mens-Size-50-MINT-Condition/223772793573 This jacket is very near and dear to my heart.Made by Schott NYC this jacket is quality. I have worn this to church and other formal places quite regularly. It is truly a piece of...
  3. Ridedeluxehd

    Vanson Thunderbird or Schott 618

    Well, Not sure how to ask this, but. I am really looking at a new cycle jacket and would like your input. I was first looking at the Schott 618 Steerhide http://www.schottnyc.com/products/lifestyle/motorcycle/classic-perfecto-steerhide-leather-motorcycle.htm , then moved to the Horse. Had a...
  4. Ridedeluxehd

    Schott Perfecto questions

    I was wondering if anyone had kinda a secret about were to buy Schott a little cheaper than their website. I am wanting to buy new or like new condition. Model 118 (maybe)? I was wondering also if anyone has experience with the 618/613 model. a little worried about the length. I do ride but...

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