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  1. gpotski

    MA-1 jackets

    I also love my Buzz Rickson MA-1. I wore it all last winter in Ohio, and it was plenty warm
  2. gpotski

    What Outer Jacket To Wear With Fedora

    I like my Buzz Rickson MA-1 with my fedora...
  3. gpotski

    Akubra Overload

    Thanks for the info/link.
  4. gpotski

    Akubra Overload

    Is the Acorn a light brown?
  5. gpotski

    How popular is the fedora in 2011? Are hats seeing a resurgance finally?

    I recently was at the Dayton, OH airport picking up my wife. I had my Akubra Stylemaster on. I saw 5 people in fedoras coming off planes. 3 young males (20-30 year olds), 1 older man, and 1 young woman. Definitely becoming more popular.
  6. gpotski

    Putting on and Taking off your Fedora

    I take my hat off using the brim...about 90% of the time.
  7. gpotski

    Show me your favorite jacket

    I like my Buzz Rickson black MA-1 "Pattern Recognition" jacket...see it in my avatar too.
  8. gpotski

    Reactions when you first start wearing brimmed hats.

    Great idea! It took me a few days to get over the initial self-consciousness of wearing my Akubra Stylemaster every day. It was either just wear it every day and it becomes a non-issue, or not wear it every day and continue to feel self-conscious wearing it. Most of the time, people see me...
  9. gpotski

    First Time Hat Buyer Info Thread - A Compendeum of Advice

    Go for the Akubra Stylemaster. Here's my Stylemaster. The brim is just about right.
  10. gpotski

    Pic request: Grey Akubra Stylemaster

    The charcoal gray from david morgan looks black in low light, but clearly a gray in bright light.
  11. gpotski

    Buying First Time Hat... For Someone Else?

    Consider buying from some place with a good return policy. davidmorgan.com does great. I bought my first fedora from them, and had to return it for 1 size larger...no problems. The Akubra Stylemaster is pretty nice!
  12. gpotski

    What are your favorite quotes about hats?

    My first thought too...
  13. gpotski

    New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

    I just joined as well. Picked up a Stylemaster Akubra as my first fedora. I love these hats. Cheers!

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