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  1. ChiTownScion

    The Boys From Marketing Strike Back! Poetry Time

    I confess a love for the poems of Rudyard Kipling- both reading them and reciting them- and one of my favorites is "Tommy," the classic statement by a common soldier about insensitive and unappreciative civilians. I'll include the text of it further in this thread, but I came across (what I...
  2. ChiTownScion

    The Chicago Cubs Are Going to the World Series!

    I've lived through an awful lot of "next years," so many that I've not allowed myself any emotional attachment to the team since the September choke to the Mets in 1969... but I do believe this is pretty exciting news. Bury the goat: it's a new day.
  3. ChiTownScion

    1930's Style Animation Selling a 21st Century Product

    Saw this earlier this year and thought it was extremely cute:
  4. ChiTownScion

    Hey Lizzie...Any of Your Belongings Missing?

    I don't think that this guy was anywhere near you, but he certainly could fit into the cast of local characters (and seasonal tourists) that you've told us about from your part of the country...
  5. ChiTownScion

    Miss Lizzie.. Isn't this in your area?

    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/tired-of-thefts-maine-man-buys-gun-and-shoots-burglar-hours-later/ I'm wondering how the use of deadly force would be justified as a matter of law at a point in time where the intruder was fleeing and had abandoned his criminal activity (flight). The common law...
  6. ChiTownScion

    A Classic Boys From Marketing Pitch

    This was one of those, "things I found while researching something else" items. I saw it, and I immediately thought that Miss Lizzie (and others) would get a kick out of it as a study in marketing. No idea when or where it was published.. but I got a laugh out of it- especially Bobby and Dad's...
  7. ChiTownScion

    Arguably, the Most Viewed Theater Film of All Time...

    ...... would be that "Let's All Go to the Lobby" trailer, made before yours truly was born. I always thought that the cake walking refreshments were very cute, and I especially enjoyed the version that 7-Up made as a TV commercial in the early 1970's. The original trailer- and the minute...
  8. ChiTownScion

    One Of the Funnier Critiques on Marketing That I've Seen- Marshall Efron

  9. ChiTownScion

    Restoring Clocks that My Father Built

    The first one that was restored was a school clock that Dad built from a kit back in 1972. All it really needed was a good cleaning, relube, and pendulum adjustment. Next is a mantle clock with a triple chime movement. It lie dormant for over 20 years. Again- cleaning and re-lubrication...
  10. ChiTownScion

    Looking to Buy a Repro Shearling Flight Jacket...

    .....and pretty certain that it's going to be an ANJ-4. I'm leaning toward the Aero version (seal brown shearling w/ brown oil pull horsehide trim), but Eastman's version is also under consideration. Anyone with experience with either or both?
  11. ChiTownScion

    I'd Always Wondered About the Similarities Between These Two...

    .... and so I did a little online research. Here's what I found, and if I am wrong, please correct me on this: Lulu (Moppet) was drawn originally by Marjorie Henderson Buell, and first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1935. She later made the transition to animated cartoons and...
  12. ChiTownScion

    Kenny Delmar

    I'm doing some reading on him and have developed a new appreciation for his work. Not only was his Senator Beauregard Claghorn ("Allen's Alley") the prototype of Foghorn Leghorn, but he voiced other toons that I grew up with, such as "The Hunter" and "Commander McBragg." Despite portraying...
  13. ChiTownScion

    Juvenile Delinquency During World War II- One Study

    Another side of that Rosie the Riveter Legacy. "Working mothers during World War II patriotically served their country and made great strides towards expanding opportunities for all women. However, due to a lack of childcare services and misconceptions of feminine sexuality, mothers lost...
  14. ChiTownScion

    Freddie Fisher and his Schnickelfritz Band

    Before Spike Jones, there was this great American folk hero and all around geek, Freddie Fisher. The Schnickelfritz (roughly translated as "silly fellow") Band hit their heyday in the Thirties, appearing in a few musical short features. Freddie ended up in Aspen at a time when it was being...
  15. ChiTownScion

    Arch Oboler's Light's Out

    ..... is what really got me listening to OTR. Back around 1970, then "underground" FM station WLS-FM (later WDAI) of Chicago began rebroadcasting these fine programs under the moniker, "The Devil and Mister O." I was in high school, and was captivated them. Anyone else recall the programs?

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