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  1. rocketeer

    Cold war ice hockey.

    I have been asked to compile some 'classic'' if that is the correct word, sports questions for a Covid quiz nite in. This is what I want as one question. In all events, how many times has the USSR met the USA and who comes out the winner of most games? Can you give me me both answer and site...
  2. rocketeer

    Lacing Vintage style shoes and Boots.

    I have just purchased a pair of Aero's Town boots and would like to know if there is a correct way to lace these. They have both lace holes but also the quick release tabs at the top part, of which there are 4. Militery or civilian styles would also be interesting. Is there a page here or link...
  3. rocketeer

    Jack Nicholson's suits, Chinatown

    Hi all :) I would like to have a jacket made with a bit of vintage flair about it. Having viewed Chinatown a while back Jack wears a light coloured suit with centre pleated back. I would also like to collect all details such as if it has a half belt, peaked lapels, patch pockets etc. With the...
  4. rocketeer

    Surface finish, repaint for repro sheerling jackets.

    Has anyone re finished a modern repro sheepskin such as an Eastman B3 or ANJ4 ? I am wearing my 25 year old ANJ4 and the surface has decidedly flaked off rather a lot. Eastmans site and catalogues from a while back insisted their finishes were just like original but they do not wear like an...
  5. rocketeer

    Bad things on TV, then and now.

    In the past there was good TV and bad as in all era's including these modern days. Yesterday I viewed a modern program and could not really think why they made it. Doctor Pimple Popper! Just why would a TV company make a series about squeezing peoples boils and zits where puss erupts in close...
  6. rocketeer

    Leather cleaning and care(Not Clothing)

    I have an old Milkmans cash bag that need some rejuvenation after many years in storage. Anyone have any recommendations to clean and restore without ruining a great patina? I am replacing the shoulder straps with some from an old leather bridal maybe using saddle soap as a first application...
  7. rocketeer

    Aero jacket in new Freddy Mercury film?

    Right then sharp eyes :) Did anyone spot an Aero jacket in the cinema preview of Bohemian Rhapsody? Not sure I did but it looked like an Aero label during a 'Live Aid' segment of the preview. I won't say where exactly so you can get to the flicks and see it on there, as it's not in the Youtube...
  8. rocketeer

    Vintage sports clothing, where to show.

    I'm posting here as I cannot find any sub headings, maybe I have simply passed over a page so apologies if I have. I have a Wilsons baseball jersey from the 50s 60s era and would like some info on it please. Not being the greatest sports clothing specialist I wondered if there is a page...
  9. rocketeer

    Vacuum bags and vintage clothing storage.

    I had ideas on storing a few pieces of 100% cotton vintage dresses and some other ladies clothing for sale in the future. The idea came to me to protect them from moth damage by sealing them in those vacuum bags but just sealing them un vacuumed. My questions are: Will the bags work and be...
  10. rocketeer

    The Paintings of D.H.Lawrence.

    An odd one this, I bought it as a present for a friend as he collects books but not art. Quite interesting paintings of nudes etc. My friend has a first edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover that his wife bought for him at an undisclosed astronomical price as a paper anniversary present Buying...
  11. rocketeer

    BKS British Police jacket 1980s-90s?. (pic heavy)

    Picked this up a few weeks back, a superb jacket used by the British motorcycle patrols. For summer wear I would think due to the vented leather. A heavy steer hide outer shell with fitted armour, the photo's tell the best story. This is a large size around 40-42,but they were all hand made...
  12. rocketeer

    Have to ask this question on this forum page.

    OK delete or move if you must but a lot of readers may be as interested as me. How on earth can I stop an open page jumping up and down, taking me to halfway through a topic so I have to scroll back as ads load and change. I know advertising pays for things but I now look at less pages simply...
  13. rocketeer

    Modern day Lewis Leathers quality issue.

    HI all, I thought I might like to highlight this issue from a guy selling on a lewis-leather-corsair-36r.92822 . No I'm not trying to promote his sale but looking at the nearly new jacket and the sellers photographs of the underarm stitching I would be most unhappy with this fault after such a...
  14. rocketeer

    The Weimar Republic

    Can anyone recommend any books about life in the Weimar Republic. Not particularly interested in the rise of the Nazi's but general life and culture. I have Saints and Sinners about films etc from the era but I am looking more for something about everyday life and other entertainment from this...
  15. rocketeer

    eBay A2, The description is amazing(for an amazing jacket)

    I just happened upon this...
  16. rocketeer

    Wearing of the A2 jacket during WWII on/off base

    I can't find a topic on the net without extensive searching, maybe someone else can help me out here with some information on service wearing of the A2. 1st I was asked this question at a military re enactment gathering. Was the A2 restricted to wearing on base only? Is this correct and simply...
  17. rocketeer

    War and Peace. Anyone going?

    I know this is buried in the airshows topic but thought I would give this a separate thread as it Has started already. I'll be there Friday weather permitting, I just don't like splodging around in a muddy field here as previous experience can mean it may be awful. I shall be the guy in the old...
  18. rocketeer

    Denim ankle width and turn up(cuff) depth.

    So members, what width at the ankle do you like your turn up(cuff) to be? With my footwear I prefer 14 inch as I wear boots a lot, any wider and the hem slips over and catches on the rise of the heel. I don't like the old baggy 40s style as I have skinny legs and they just don't hang correct...
  19. rocketeer

    Beard Oil?

    Ok, I have looked for a mens grooming topic but the search button never gets me there. So the question is asked here. How long has beard oil existed? Over the years I have met many men with beards, full bushy beards, Ed Roth beards, designer stubble beards and the latest squared off fashioned...
  20. rocketeer

    Fake/replica A2 painted patches

    Quite a common item these days with so many new jackets out there, but be aware that not all is what it may appear, especially if you wish to attach an old, maybe original painted patch to a well worn replica jacket. I had quite a few of these during the replica A2 craze during the late 1980s...

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