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  1. OneEyeMan

    Double Helix Works?

    Looks like a Vanson Enfield. Just sayin'
  2. OneEyeMan

    how to dull Aero Goat

    High grit sandpaper.
  3. OneEyeMan

    WESCO Boss Boots

    I'll consider any offers.
  4. OneEyeMan

    WESCO Boss Boots

    Price Drop: $285 PP F&F or $295 PP G&S delivered/insured in CONUS.
  5. OneEyeMan

    WESCO Boss Boots

    If you're reading this, you know the quality of WESCO boots. These are the Boss boots, in Brown leather with a cowboy style tapered toe in size 8D. The leather is ridiculously thick, but supple. I've always taken excellent care of them cleaning when dirty, and applying Obenauf's when the...
  6. OneEyeMan

    Help I think I ruined my Aero Premiere Half Belt

    I'd throw it in a large sink with lots of water and Dawn. Agitate the heck out of it then just let it sit for a few hours. Rinse it thoroughly then let it air dry or toss it in the dryer on low. Worth a shot.
  7. OneEyeMan

    American Giant Carolina Midweight Full Zip Hoodie

    Only tried on, never worn outside. I just don't need it anymore as I've purchased something else. It's heavier than most "heavyweight" hoodies. Very warm but thin enough for layering. Size Medium, Winter Green. $70 OBO delivered, PayPal F & F only. Here's the web page for it.
  8. OneEyeMan

    Hanger for leather jacket

    I just throw mine on the floor in the closet. Gives them the used look. They really don't need to be hung up.
  9. OneEyeMan

    American Giant Carolina Midweight Full Zip Hoodie

    Tried on, never worn. I just don't need it anymore as I've purchased something else. It's extremely well made and heavier than most "heavyweight" hoodies. Very warm but thin enough for layering. Size Medium, Winter Green. Here's the Web Page for it. $75 delivered, PayPal only.
  10. OneEyeMan

    Nicks boots - fit/sizing - How does the size compare with normal shoe size?

    I understand that you probably won't be able to get a "try on" pair of boots from them. I live in the US, take a size 8 in virtually every boot or shoe I've ever owned. They sent me a try on pair in size 8 and they fit perfectly. The actual pair of boots they made for me was a size 8...
  11. OneEyeMan

    2 Really Nice Jackets; Waxed Filson and Carhartt

    These are both in excellent condition. I wore the Carhartt a ton and it still looks new. No stains or tears. The Filson I wore sparingly and it's just starting to patina. Also no stains or tears. I forget the model name but Filson no longer makes it. It has a ton of thoughtfully placed...
  12. OneEyeMan

    Truman Boot Co. ... Thoughts?

    If you're gonna spend $500 or up on a boot I got 3 words for you; Nick's, White's, and Wesco. In my personal experience, Nick's "try on" system is foolproof for a perfect fit. Once you see them in person, you'll know where your money went. They're absolutely gorgeous. My Nick's Americana's...
  13. OneEyeMan

    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    2020 Triumph Thruxton RS
  14. OneEyeMan

    Hiding stitching (needle) holes in leather - can it be done?

    I wonder if this would work. Melt some pure parafin or bees wax over the entire area and rub it into the holes. Wait for it to harden then rub off the excess. Might be worth a try.
  15. OneEyeMan

    Best Jacket for on and off the bike

    Vanson Enfield
  16. OneEyeMan

    How to Imitate a Saddleback Leather bag...

    This is what you want. Absolutely love mine. It also comes in a slim version. https://www.satchel-page.com/products/mailbag
  17. OneEyeMan

    Filson coats - anyone?

    I've been following this thread with interest. I have a few Filson jackets and a vest which I love. Lately, this Jac-Shirt has caught my eye: https://www.filson.com/mackinaw-jac-shirt-11010788.html#sku=11010788-fco-007524806 What do you all think of it? Aside from the lack of lower pockets...
  18. OneEyeMan

    Durable cotton t-shirts to pair with leather jackets

    American Giant https://www.american-giant.com/mens-tshirts/

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