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  1. Mulceber

    Eastman Rough Wear B-3 17756 sz. 42

    Looking to gauge interest in this one. I purchased this B-3 new in January 2020. Since then it's been worn maybe 10-20 times and is still in excellent condition. The only sign of wear I can find is a little bit of indigo transfer from my blue jeans right where the shearling is gathered in by the...
  2. Mulceber

    End of Summer Sale - budget jackets, denim and trousers

    In the interest of clearing out some closet space, I've put together some items to let go of. Some of them I've sized out of, some of them have become closet queens after I acquired other jackets, and some of them were closet queens from the get-go. Whatever the case, I'm looking to move them...
  3. Mulceber

    FS: Eastman Rough Wear 1401-P A-2

    Time to move this jacket along, as it’s pretty tight on me. This Rough Wear is a 42, but check the measurements, especially the back and sleeve lengths. I bought this jacket in pretty much the condition you see it a few years ago. It’s been very nicely broken in, and the character of the...
  4. Mulceber

    FS: Aero Merino Irvin Battle of Britain model size 42

    This one's here just in time for you to get yourself a last-minute Christmas gift. Fly-weight Irvins have received a lot of attention lately, thanks to Eastman's release of their model, although Aero beat them to the punch early this year. There's a very nice review of both companies' offerings...
  5. Mulceber

    FS Bill Kelso Rough Wear 23380 sz 40-42

    Posting because this jacket is frankly too small for me. The size on the tag reads 42, but with its measurements, it's really more accurately described as a size 40. The Liberty russet horsehide has matured beautifully, and months of wear have really brought out the character of the leather. The...
  6. Mulceber

    Optimo Milan size 7 1/2

    This is a hat I bought from Optimo around 2014. It has a tag for size 59, but is actually half-way between a 59 and a 60. It was $495 when I bought it — not sure what one of these would cost now, thanks to Optimo’s price increase, but I’ll sell it for $250 in CONUS. Alternate offers are welcome.
  7. Mulceber

    Vintage black Homburg size 7 1/2

    This is a hat that I picked up from another user here. Couldn’t get it to look right on me, so I’m letting it go. If I recall correctly, it dates back to the 1930s, and is in fantastic condition: the felt has that quality we all look for where it will mould to whatever shape you want...
  8. Mulceber

    Knox 40 custom edge size 7 1/2

    This is a beautiful vintage hat that I don't get much wear out of (I don't think the proportions suit me particularly well). From its time spent in a closet prior to my ownership, there are a few minor moth nibbles (pictured below), and I had the sweatband replaced by Art Fawcett because it was...
  9. Mulceber

    Closet Cleaning Pre-Christmas - vintage and vintage style hats and clothes, as well as Indy Gear

    Hi All, I’m looking to thin out my closet, as I have a bunch of hats, jackets and clothes that I really don’t wear anymore. Price listed is flexible for all of them, and I’m willing to hear other offers. Just thought I'd check to see if anyone would like to grab them before I put them up on the...
  10. Mulceber

    Help Identifying a Long-Hair

    This is something of an unusual request: a while back, I remember seeing a collection of three absolutely gorgeous vintage long-hairs that some lucky member of the lounge had acquired. I saved the pictures, thinking one day I might have a custom hatter like Art or Optimo replicate one of those...
  11. Mulceber

    Style Guide for Bow Ties?

    I've been thinking about adding some bow ties to my wardrobe, and I have one, but for some reason I've noticed that it just doesn't seem to look very good on me. I'm tall (6'1") and lanky (180 lbs) with a relatively square face. Mostly it seems like the bow ties I've seen fit best on people with...
  12. Mulceber

    WTB: Vintage Navy Peacoat

    I'm looking to buy a vintage peacoat, size 44R or 44L and I'm willing to negotiate on the price, although ideally I'd like to spend somewhere between $50 and $70. Contact me via PM, or at mulceber@gmail.com
  13. Mulceber

    Do you name your hats?

    Call me crazy, but I've started naming my hats: I've named this one Jasmine - it's a gray VS based on Art's Jazzman, and I thought Jasmine would be a good play on the name of the model. This is the only one I've named so far, but I have a feeling I'm going to wind up naming the others since...
  14. Mulceber

    Optimo's Dillinger not as advertised?

    I've just been looking at The Dillinger that's advertised on Optimo's site and it doesn't seem to bear that much resemblance to the movie hat. I mean, I know that oxblood is the right color - and I've seen enough outdoor shots to become convinced of that, I think the ribbon's the right color and...
  15. Mulceber

    VS wait times

    I recently ordered a hat from Art Fawcett and I was wondering about how long I should expect to wait for the hat? I don't have the "are you done yet" mentality - I can definitely accept a wait time of several months (heck, on my last AB the wait time was a little over a year), but it's nice...
  16. Mulceber

    Vintage Overcoat Pattern

    I'm thinking of getting an overcoat custom made. Does anyone have any vintage patterns for a full-length overcoat they'd be willing to sell, or know where I could find such information? Thanks, -M
  17. Mulceber

    Any good hat shops in NYC?

    I'm gonna be taking a trip with some friends to New York City in a week and was wondering if anyone knew of any good hat shops I could check out while I'm there. -M
  18. Mulceber

    My Panama hat

    here are a couple pictures of a panama hat I picked up near the beginning of the summer. Not great quality, but it holds up pretty well and was a steal at $55.00. Plus to my eye, it looks rather similar to the panama belloq wore in Raiders. for larger versions of these pics here's the url...
  19. Mulceber


    around this time of year I leave the window open, and despite the screens I've put in, at least a dozen moths have gotten into my room, and I'm worrying for the safety of my Adventurebilt. I want to protect my hat, but I don't want it smelling like mothballs. Is there anything you guys can think...
  20. Mulceber

    reshaping panamas

    I recently bought a panama hat that looks very similar to Belloq's hat in Raiders of the Lost Ark, however there is a slight difference in the crown that I'd like to correct. Is there any way to re-shape a panama hat? Does steam work like it does on felt? Thanks in advance for any advice you...

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