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  1. Josephine

    What's your favourite Red Hair colour?

    Henna is still my color of choice. After using it for so long though, my curls have been smoothed out. I want long, curly, red hair and it seems I can have long and curly but not red, or long and red but not curly, or curly and red but not long! :D So I cut it all off and am now back to...
  2. Josephine

    Show us the food dishes you've prepared.

    Crock Pot is actually a trademarked name that is used, like Kleenex is for tissue or Xerox is for photocopying, for slow cookers. They most likely named it crock pot as the inside was a stoneware, crockery pot type liner to hold the food. Here's the wiki article if you really want to know...
  3. Josephine

    Miss, Mrs. or Madam? The demise of Ms?

    My German SIL, before she became my SIL, at first always called my mom Mrs. M---. My mom asked my brother why Sabine always called her that, and my brother said it was because my mom hadn't given Sabine "the du". As in French, in German when you spoke to an older/respected/etc person, you used...
  4. Josephine

    Oscar Nominations

    At least he has a sense of humor about it. :) "It's about time narcissistic, accolade-seeking idiotic actors were formally recognized," Downey deadpans about his nomination, speaking from the Brooklyn, N.Y., set of "Sherlock Holmes." "It's been a long, hard road for us."
  5. Josephine

    Feather Dusters

    I have one. I got it from Flylady.com: http://flylady.com/pages/flyshop_duster.asp
  6. Josephine

    Vintage Phones

    The revival of this thread sent me looking again, and I was watching that auction. I would have bid on it, as I think $132 was a good price, but there wasn't a ringer box, and I'd would have had to have the guy at PhoneQuest refinish it and maybe get a box from him or on eBay, which would be...
  7. Josephine

    Violinist in the Metro

    Oh, Lordy, where do I start?!? ;) lol
  8. Josephine

    Violinist in the Metro

    Nope. :) More from that article: ...the Evening Post's story -- the brainchild of Michael W. Straus, the paper's brash young city editor -- was a one-day minor curiosity. Mine, kept alive and aloft by the might of the Web, went global. I'm sitting here looking at my Pulitzer Prize, which...
  9. Josephine

    Violinist in the Metro

    <a href="http://www.joshuabell.com/news/writer-gene-weingarten-explains-the-washington-post-joshua-bell-article">Here's the story</a> on Joshua's web site. An interesting aside, the Washington Post writer who thought up the "experiment", Gene Weingarten, received a Pulitzer for Feature...
  10. Josephine

    What are you wearing today??

    :eusa_clap :D
  11. Josephine

    Hats and hairdo's?

    Arrange your hair according to the type of hat you'll be wearing, then put the hat on and keep it there. Ladies don't remove their hats until they get home. :)
  12. Josephine

    Personal Coat Hanger/Key Tray Standing Thing...

    Bertie was a bachelor living in basically an apartment, however. There wasn't room nor enough for a butler and a valet to do. Bertie Wooster has lent Jeeves out as a butler on several occasions, and notes that "if the call comes, he can buttle with the best of them". (according to Wiki). :)
  13. Josephine

    What are you wearing today??

    Dinerman, you look great, but the mother in me is imploring you to stand up straight! lol
  14. Josephine


    I agree that the actors should not have a German accent. In the movie The Last Emperor, when the Chinese characters were speaking in Chinese, unaccented English was used. When they were speaking in English, accented English was used.
  15. Josephine

    Alright, dumb question...

    Ok, thanks! :D
  16. Josephine

    Alright, dumb question...

    But Is there something (wire??) in the brim that allows it to snap into place? Or is the felt just stiff enough that the brim keeps the shape you put it by itself?
  17. Josephine

    Show us your Thrift and/or yard sale finds

    Quigley! Been wondering where you were/if you were ok. Glad to see you back. :)
  18. Josephine

    Steve & Barrys - Going Out Of Business Sale: Lots for Cheap

    Are they only closing some stores or the whole business? I looked on the locator, and the ones around me don't have the "closing soon" under the town name.
  19. Josephine

    What are you wearing today??

    I had heard David Tennant was out until the 5th of Jan because of his back surgery; is this correct? I also heard that the understudy is great.
  20. Josephine

    Gran Torino- Clint Eastwood

    I first heard about this movie (and this type of car) yesterday with this thread, today we went to get a new car and they had a Torino on the lot. Hmmmm... O.o

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