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  1. Big J

    Soviet leather flight jackets by Aero

    There's a couple of interesting threads over at VLJ. One is Aero's Ken Calder talking about how Aero made a huge order of jackets for the Soviets under the 'lend-lease' arrangement during WWII, and that Aero is looking to offer repros of these jackets again...
  2. Big J

    What car to go with your flight jackets?

    I'm posting this because I can't buy anymore jackets until November and I'm bored (mods may decide to move or delete, I understand). What car do you think a fighter pilot should drive? Not what they actually drive, coz we know they mostly drive normal cars like normal people. But in my reading...
  3. Big J

    Back to the 80's

    Not really 'Golden Era', but I reckon there must be some knowledge. Last November I signed a contract with my wife that I wouldn't buy anymore flight jackets for a year. Just for the challenge. So now I'm looking at other jackets. It's high time I got me that James Dean Cal Leather CHP jacket...
  4. Big J

    Eastman B-17 W.A.S.P. Jacket for ladies.

    Any got one of these, or bought one for their spouse? Someone must, they're all out of stock except for one size... I want to get one for my wife, she's got the body of a Romain Hugault pin up, but working out ladies sizing is so hard; she's got two Burberry raincoats, both different sizes...
  5. Big J

    What do you want to be buried in?

    Maybe this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find any thread. Tonight, my Japanese wife suddenly realized that when her time comes, she'll be cremated, but since I'm (nominally) Christian, I might prefer burial. As I'm likely to go before she does, she asked what I'd like to spend...
  6. Big J

    Why were the Germans so bad at espionage?

    A friend gave me some Ben Macintyre books about British Intelligence during WWII. Highly entertaining reads, I recommend them. But I don't understand why the Germans were so bad at espionage. Apparently; Every German agent that was sent to Britain was killed, captured, or turned themselves in...
  7. Big J

    Bustier advice please ladies.

    Hello Ladies, I'd very much appreciate some advice as I'm totally out of my depth. My wife last year discovered that one of her old school friends is now in the burlesque business. My wife has since then been developing an interest in the glamorous look of burlesque dancers, and associated...
  8. Big J

    Where are the ladies?

    TFL has many female members, but they never seem to post in the outerwear section. I wonder why. Don't they wear jackets or coats? I know ladies ride bikes, and I've seen photos of transport corps ladies wearing men's flight jackets (some makers make ladies versions), and while I appreciate that...
  9. Big J

    This winter's 'big thing' with the kids?

    Hi gents! So the last couple of winter seasons I've been 'generation gapped' by kids wearing knock-off clones of nylon flight jackets. Breathe easy- that's so yesterday. This weekend the streets are awash with kids in cheap looking fashion brand black leather cross-zip motorcycle jacket...
  10. Big J

    How did people 'hook up' in the Golden Era?

    Kind of a noir inspired thread, but these days there's Ashley Madison, before that there was Craigslist (and associated killer!), but how did people hook up in the golden era? Small adds and specialist magazines? It all seems to be incredibly hard work in a world without mobile internet, but...
  11. Big J

    A-2 patch dilemma (first world problem)

    Guys, I got this Aero heavy horse russet A-2 with a WW2 style leather name tag (my name), and a 352nd FG patch below it. I got an Aero heavy horse Seal A-2 just the same, so.... I want to repatch the russet jacket. I bought a very large Buzz Ricksons 335th FIS from Charles at History...
  12. Big J

    Hong Kong! Recommendations?

    Hi guys! Heading back to China next week to tie up some loose-ends from last year, but arranged a 36 hour stop-over on the way in HK with Mrs. Big J. Booked The Langham for overnight and Afternoon Tea, and The Peninsula for dinner, but any other tips for something to entertain a Lounger and his...
  13. Big J

    Never mind the Dirty Dancing jacket, check out Rambo's First Blood M-65!

    A steal! But waaay too small for even slim me! Stallone must have spent his entire career standing on a box. http://m.ebay.ie/itm/Sylvester-Stallone-John-Rambo-Signed-M65-Army-Vietnam-Field-Jacket-ASI-Proof-/311802187839?nav=SEARCH
  14. Big J

    eBay WARNING!

    Hi guys, All this talk of Cooper A-2s made me want to try one, so I bought one last week from a guy I've bought several issue G-1s from over the years, and he is always great to deal with. He shipped it via eBay's Global Shipping Program (as he has always done for me in the past) from the US to...
  15. Big J

    Spearhead Militaria; anyone ever bought from them?

    Just browsing the internet for goat A-2s and came across this; http://www.godarsinc.com/ww2-type-usaaf-goatskin-a2-light-seal-brown-p-379.html It looks pretty good for a mid-priced jacket. Anybody ever bought a jacket from them?
  16. Big J

    Black Goat A-2?

    Guys, I'm looking for a black goatskin A-2, with period correct fit. What do you think the options are? I think Aero could do it, but is there any other choice? Knits and zippers could be swapped out and replaced, and I want to put in a sky blue rayon lining.
  17. Big J

    Rocketbuster boots- any experiences with them?

    So, I've been admiring Rocketbuster boots for a couple of years, and now I have an idea for a custom design. But I want to ask if anyone has any experience of the order process and how the fit ended up? I'm also interested to know how they age, and what kind of character they develop. Any...
  18. Big J

    FOR SALE; Real McCoy's Japan A-2 size 38

    For your consideration, a Real McCoy's (Japan) A-2, size 38. Russet shinki horse. Thick and soft. Some very light wear. No scratches, nicks, or cuts to shell. Jacket has no USAAF decals. Jacket has never had patches- no stitch marks. 100% mid-brown wool cuffs and waistband (right cuff has...
  19. Big J

    Website builder recommendation, anyone?

    Hello, I've got a few things I'd like to off-load, but don't much like eBay's 10% fee, nor limits on the value and number of things I can list. So, I thought I'd make a little site where I can list stuff for sale with photos. Does anyone have any experience, and can recommend a website...
  20. Big J

    Chinese Nationalist Army (KMT) fur hats.

    I'm looking at this picture of KMT officers re: 1937, and at the back 3 of them seems to be wearing a fur hat that at first glance looks like one of the early, pointed, Soviet Ushanka fur caps. Except that it isn't a Red Army ushanka (even though KMT was being supplied by Soviet Russia at the...

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