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  1. loosebolts

    1940 ford coupe is not at the top of its game, issues with columbia rear end

    ok a restored 1940 ford coupe deluxe in black and the whole nine yards. after sorting out the electrical issues we had lately there is an issues and I wanted to try and crowd source any 0.02 cents. starts up fine. idles fine put it gear and it stalls. adjusts mixture and lean on it a few...
  2. loosebolts

    A Family friend passed. wwII korean and vietnam pow. General Robbie Risner.

    gents i could not help but post something about our family friend here. He passed away two days ago. he did not see action in WWII but was in the service and was in panama at the time flying P-39's and P 40's. in Korea he shot down 8 mig 15's ( piloted by the Caucasian looking, Russian speaking...
  3. loosebolts

    its Brewering season! any one have any prohibition recepies?

    Hello every one! part of our favorite genre was not necessarily squeaky clean and there were shadowy elements to it at times. so in the spirit of the old days I'm pulling the carboy and equipment out of the attic and going to brew up some prohibition style beer for my self and some apple jack...
  4. loosebolts

    any one else a fan of the old & odd pocket heaters? opinions?

    Hey gents. (let me preface this with: I'm not a mall ninja...) I started watching Maltese falcon, Casablanca and all the old films and i realized that unlike modern films back then good guys all had small pocket pistol in .25 and .32 As opposed to modern flicks with 1911's and so on. I am...
  5. loosebolts

    my new jacket reeks of linseed oil.

    hey guys and gals. (update pictures at bottom of page. fortunately not in smell 'o' vision) got a new leather jacket of unknown vintage kinda/sorta German or french. love it! fits perfect but it smells of linseed oil so stout its hard to have in the house. any tips or methods to change the...
  6. loosebolts

    bought new jacket! unknow maker, old and german...uboat?

    hello every one. ok so bought this jacket because I liked the look. its horse hide and charcoal in color. seller thought it was like a u boat jacket but I did not buy it for that reason. I know u boat jackets were usually private purchases and most kreigsmarine issued jacket were grey leather.I...
  7. loosebolts

    any one have a reference for old hunting jackets?

    hello all, recently my dad passed and all the family nonsense is occurring... that said, one thing he wanted me to have is the family hunting jacket. i have not received it yet but i am waiting patiently. unfortunately i don't have a picture but i have worn it more than once out in the sticks...
  8. loosebolts

    Honest question about italian mail.

    gents, there is a seller on ebay selling jackets and vintage clothing at what i would say is below market value. bout 60% what i would charge if i was selling it. however the kicker is that its not in a major city but not a completely remote part of Italy. ok so i was curious what the forum...
  9. loosebolts

    Any other Engima machine fans in here? plus funny story.

    afternoon I found online a college that posted a simulators that mimics any of the Enigma machines used from the 30's and 40's. personally i also found the mystery and spy stuff surrounding the Enigma machine intriguing. i visited the U-505 in Chicago some years ago and through the glass looked...
  10. loosebolts

    I got it I got it! new jacket!

    Ok, so after the DHL/ USPS / who know what with customs i finally got the jacket. I think it might Dutch not German. the label is a golden sparrow looking Bird and it reads H.A. Lederkleding. the zippers are a mix of Ritz and Agrihama (dutch company?) the lining is a mix of interesting things...
  11. loosebolts

    gents i'm a little nervous about the status of my jacket. German mail Or US?

    OK ladies and gents. i posted a thread about my recent birthday purchase of a German motorcycle jacket. so i paid a reasonably amount for 6-8 day shipping...not that i'm itching. It was shipped on the 30th of December. so even with the NYE delay roughly it should have been here 7th or 8th ( the...
  12. loosebolts

    old A2 bit the dust. purchased a bomber jacket, at least i think it is. any ideas

    Ok so i found this jacket on Ebay. (probably first mistake.) i am relatively new to the leather jacket game but i have my a2 is nearly falling off me. so it was time for a replacement. so shopped on ebay and bought a brown jacket. the seller said it WWII era German motorcycle/bomber jacket. so i...
  13. loosebolts

    any one have m1945 cargo bag?

    i was curious if any one had a M1945 cargo bag? i am looking for a bag for tools and random things to carry out and about. more like gear bag and not shoulder bag so to speak. im not one for military surplus stuff generally BUT i saw one for a reasonable price and thought about it. i was...
  14. loosebolts

    what type of hat works best with an A2 jacket

    hello every one, ok, so im hat shopping. what i have already is a old A2 jacket that is very dark brown. i was curious what recommendations of what type fedora and color you guys would recommend? what i am going for is a look that is not Fighter pilot but just casual and classy. any...

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