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  1. BellyTank

    H&M Organic Denim...

    Just a heads up for cheap denim. Nothing fantastic but... Hennes & Mauritz, H&M have some jeans("Sliq"), which are labeled as "organic cotton". They are relatively low waisted and don't have a selvedge inseam BUT the denim is super dark, bright indigo and stiff and even smells good...
  2. BellyTank

    eBay listing problem/help please.

    Hello- Since eBay cannot help, maybe you good people can. I'm trying to list some stuff and it's been a while since I last did. Now that I'm listing, I get stuck at the "shipping service and rates" part of the form- I don't want to use it- I want to list the shipping in my description. Ebay's...
  3. BellyTank

    The word, "Posh".

    Something I thought interesting- The origin of the word, "posh". Here is a possibility: A Nautical term, from the glory days of the British Empire and travel. "Naval. This word, meaning "superior", is said to come from the P. & O. Steam Navigation Company's abbreviation for the...
  4. BellyTank

    How to Draw a Fedora.

    Draw a Fedor a. This web page shows you how AND mentions the Fedora Lounge as a resource- of course. http://cartoonsnap.blogspot.com/2008/11/how-to-draw-hats-men-classic-fedora-hat.html Try it. B T
  5. BellyTank

    French Hats and makers.

    OK, we have a thread for German/Austrian hats and makers, so let's have one for all those vintage Chapeau and information about the makers. I know there's more than a few on the Lounge who have and appreciate the French hats. We also have French and European members here, who should be able to...
  6. BellyTank

    Mystery Converse shoes???

    Hello. I recently saw a model of Converse (Allstars?) in Malaysia. I would have bought a pair but I couldn't find my choice of colour in the correct size. The colour I wanted had off-white canvas, white rubber, with a red beading between the canvas and sole. I've tried to find them on the...
  7. BellyTank

    What is the name for "Lightweight Canvas"

    I'm posting this here because I want to make a garment from this cloth. Asking on behalf of myself and "Creeping Past": Canvas- the "lighter weight" variety, that looks like a very heavy Poplin(actually, Poplin doesn't have a plain weave, it has a horizontal rib, if you look close enough)...
  8. BellyTank

    Origin of the "Rope Shoulder"

    I was thinking about Rope/d Shoulder/s, perusing the BT jumble archive and came up with a possible origin for this Tailoring feature. Whether this is before or after the fact, or totally unrelated, I don't know. But. I know for a fact, that actual rope was sometimes sewn into the shoulder of...
  9. BellyTank

    What's that old Logo..?

    I'll ask this here- since it's Golden Era but I don't know what the answer is... I've got one of those lapses of memory... What's that Golden Era logo..? circular, with a lightning bolt, maybe... (could be totally wrong)and a logo-type, 3 letters, maybe, movie studio, or radio...(could be...
  10. BellyTank

    Borat- the new Sherlock Holmes!

    Sacha Baron Cohen... and Will Ferrell, as Watson... I still prefer to think of him as Ali G. Elementary, my dear Watson. Innit. http://www.news24.com/News24/Entertainment/Celebrities/0,,2-1225-2108_2350765,00.html B T
  11. BellyTank

    Fed and Fed Deluxe not available now???

    I'm not an Akubra, or Indy afficianado, so I'll ask this question: Now that there is the new, improved "Federation IV" hat, has production of the "Federation" and "Federation Deluxe", which have been so popular in recent years, now ceased??? Are they still available anywhere? Where? What...
  12. BellyTank

    Stockholm Air Races. An Event no more... so, an Observation, then.

    Bugger! I was really looking forward to the Air Races coming to Stockholm- should be next weekend, over the water, in the middle of Stockholm. But no more. The Red Bull Air Race event in Stockholm has been cancelled, due to a late location change and subsequent un-solvable problems with...
  13. BellyTank

    Beautiful "Panama Hat" from Sweden via Japan!

    Here's a really cute "Panama". Vintage, Swedish brand, Glorex- made in Japan. Don't know exactly what type of fibre it is but definitely natural fibre. Very stiff and sculptured. B T
  14. BellyTank

    Red Dolph, the Rude Nosed Reindeer...

    ...had very niney shoes. B T
  15. BellyTank

    Can You Identify this Military Jacket?

    OK, here's one... Khaki drill, 4 pocket, 4 button military jacket/tunic. Pleated/scalloped breast pockets, plain bellows skirt pockets. Peaked lapel/collar, epaulet fastening straps on shoulder. Removable/Batchelor buttons. Applied cuffs and single fastening button. Back is 2 panel, split at...
  16. BellyTank

    How-to? Waxing cloth, a la Barbour.

    Here's one for you, Alan Eardley... Having mis-placed my "Fortunes in Formulas", I will ask here. Searching the home clothing archives, I have unearthed a Barbour International motorcycle jacket. I bought it for my Wife but it is too large for her- it was "put away". Most peculiarly, it fits...
  17. BellyTank

    Men's Deoderants/Body Sprays - what do you swear by?

    Ohhh... I'm getting.... ooh... an old saddle... and ooh.... hints of... last Tuesday's...Chicken Jalfrezi... Sounds nice Paddy, I like cheap, Mens fragrances, along with the not-so-cheap ones. My Father-in-Law brought back a no-name aftershave from Barbados for me and it's really good. And...
  18. BellyTank

    The S?ºdwester- Slouch Hats of the German Colonies-

    German Colonial troops in the late 19th and early 20th Century wore a kind of Slouch hat in Africa. These Hats are beautiful and deserve a mention here- I have been given approval by the owner, to use these photos . (Bartenders- please feel free to move this thread to a more appropriate area if...
  19. BellyTank

    Mediterraneo (1991).

    This is a great film. One of my all time faves. I've mentioned it before- Scotrace has mentioned it before but it deserves another mention. Best Foreign Language Film for the year. I watched it on my computer the other night, so I could watch TV at the same time. Took some screen shots...
  20. BellyTank

    Where is Baggers..?

    Anyone? B T

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