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  1. ProteinNerd

    Any experience with Suede baracuta G9?

    I’ve been after a suede jacket for ages. Has anyone handled a suede Baracuta G9 or even better own one? What’s the quality and sizing like? I’m thinking of getting the dark brown (tobacco?)
  2. ProteinNerd

    WTT ELMC Californian Walnut 40L for 42R

    As the title suggests, Its a long shot but I'm looking to trade a 42L ELMC Walnut Californian for the same in a 42R. Not looking to sell at this stage, just trade.
  3. ProteinNerd

    Looking for: ELMC Windward Sz 42 (Black)

    I’ve got a 40 and love it but its a touch snug. Does anyone have a 42 they are looking to move? Sell or Trade?
  4. ProteinNerd

    Vintage Brooks Gold Label Excellent Condition - Brown Size 42 with Brand new liner

    Details here, prefer to sell in Australia but happy to post overseas to a Lounge member. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264296338911 Contact me if interested.
  5. ProteinNerd

    Celebrities jackets

    I know we have a famous people in flight jackets thread but what about all the cool civilian and moto jackets? A lot of celebrities wear some great jackets (acquired by stylists no doubt) and its always good to get some ideas... The picture that sparked this idea was this one of Chris...
  6. ProteinNerd

    WTB Thedi Phenix Caffe Buffalo Large

    Thought I’d throw out a line before buying new. Looking for a Thedi Phenix prefer Large but know I can squeeze into a M if the price is right. Might also consider the Espresso colour but definitely want a Brown, not Black. Anyone got one hanging around they are prepared to part with?
  7. ProteinNerd

    WTB Eastman Thunderbird Field Jacket size 42 or 40

    Does anyone have one of these sitting around not being worn and happy to ship to Australia? Let’s talk ;-D
  8. ProteinNerd

    Roland Sands Ronin 11oz Waxed Cotton Jacket - Medium

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264125118011?ul_noapp=true On eBay but contact me through here and I'll sell it for AUD$300 plus $20 postage in Oz. Happy to send international if you are happy to pay postage.
  9. ProteinNerd

    Poll: Favourite Style of jacket

    The picture of the recent London meetup really surprised me by how many of the members seemed to favour the cross zip style jacket. (great picture btw.....I hope you don't mind me using it here?) This got me thinking, I know we all pretty much love all the styles, but for fun I thought it...
  10. ProteinNerd

    Aero Premier 1920s Work Coat in Cordovan Vicenza Size 38

    I hate to do it but this gorgeous jacket is just slightly too narrow through the shoulders for me for a winter jacket. Purchased through Thurston and only worn a handful of times it’s a beautiful jacket in perfect condition....I even still have the original tag. Sorry the photos don’t show the...
  11. ProteinNerd

    ELMC J100

    I know there is another thread that started on this but it degraded significantly into another topic. Has anyone actually seen/handled/own one of these and can give some first hand experience? I’m thinking bad thoughts....
  12. ProteinNerd

    WTB ELMC Californian Black

    May as well throw it out there. I’m after a 40R or possibly 42R depending on actual measurements if anyone has one they are thinking of shifting.
  13. ProteinNerd

    ELMC Roadstar Walnut Size 40

    Gorgeous jacket, almost never worn. Details, pictures and measurements all in the eBay link. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263209690525?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 $US750
  14. ProteinNerd

    Thedi Padded Buco J-100 Black Size Medium

    On eBay but prefer to sell through here. More picturess and measurements on ebay listing. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263209661416?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Will go for AUD$825 through paypal friends and family for TFL members. Free shipping worldwide.
  15. ProteinNerd

    How do you decide when it's time to sell a jacket?

    I'm going through a bit of a de-clutter at home and trying to get rid of stuff I don't use etc. All was going really well until I came to my leather jackets. There are a few that I really only wear for the sake of wearing them, to justify them taking up space.I'm sure a few members can relate...
  16. ProteinNerd

    Brooks that needs repair to lining - worth it or not?

    There is a nice looking brown Gold Label Brooks on eBay that is whispering sweet nothings to me BUT the lining has a pretty significant rip at the collar. If I were in the states it might be worth getting it relined but here in the land of overpriced tailoring, it would cost more than the...
  17. ProteinNerd

    New Aero Cordovan Vicenza 1920's Work Coat

    This arrived for me today. Its from Thurston Bros Featured Stock Page. Just looking for fit opinions, not 100% sure on it yet. It will be colder weather coat for me and I did quickly throw on a thicker wool sweater under it for these fit pics to get an idea how it will look when layered under...
  18. ProteinNerd

    WTS: Aero Premier Half Belt Black Vicenza Size 40 custom back

    Another victim to my discovery I should be wearing a size up. Love this jacket and will be ordering the exact same specs but in a 42. Premier Half Belt Size 40 Black Vicenza Antique Brass Talon Hardware 1 Horizontal Chest Pocket 2 Handwarmer Pockets Button Cuffs Blackwatch wool tartan Custom...
  19. ProteinNerd

    Aero Black FQHH Cafe Racer Size 40

    Selling my size 40 Cafe Racer in FQHH. Nice substantial jacket with great weight to it, definitely for those that prefer a solid jacket and like or need a longer sleeve length. Nicely broken in. It is the classic 2 chest pocket version with the full action back. It also has 2 inside pockets...
  20. ProteinNerd

    Aero Board Racer Comparison Size 40 v 42

    I just received a Navy Vicenza Board Racer that I picked up off Nick123. Honestly, if he told me he never wore it I would have believed it...it hasn't even started to crease in the sleeves! This won't be a review of the amazing Navy Vicenza leather, I'll do that a bit later as I'm sure there...

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