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  1. Mr. Paladin

    Mr. Paladin in Cornwall, U.K.

    Hello All! It is good to be back on the Lounge after a five week vacation. As many of you know, my wife is from England and all her family is still there. We go back to visit evey couple of years and this was the year. We were there for five weeks this time, in Cornwall where they have...
  2. Mr. Paladin

    Thanks to the Fedora Lounge!

    I noticed a few days ago, that I was coming up on my 1000th FL post. I thought that was kind of a landmark so I thought I would make it something other than just another comment or hat photo. To that end, I want to use it to thank MK (the Big Guy), the bartenders who keep this place well...
  3. Mr. Paladin

    Election Night Watch Party--What's your drink of choice?

    First the disclaimer; this post is completely apolitical! Election night watch parties are a staple at Mr. Paladin's home. At his election parties, only American drinks are served, to celebrate the quintessential uniqueness of the American political process. The whiskey of choice is always...
  4. Mr. Paladin

    Just rode in...

    Good morning, gentlemen. After checking out the Lounge for about a month and reading hundreds of the posts, I decided to join and hope to be a part of this interesting group. I am well taken by the knowledge, the help to newcomers, and most of all, the courtesy and civility displayed by each...

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