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  1. Spiney

    Vanson Model A or Aero Cafe Racer

    Both the same price ( at least, I can currently get both at same price, I’m in England). One is the comp weight leather , the other CXL HH. Not for riding, just casual, everyday wear. Which would you buy and why ?
  2. Spiney

    Iron Heart / Simmons Bilt Blattwork Jacket

    Hi all. I’ve been looking at this. Just the sort of style I’ve been looking for. It seems expensive ( when priced up against a made to order on Simmons website ). I guess that’s just the Iron Heart connection. Anyone here seen or handled one of these ? Is the Blattwork leather any good ? I like...
  3. Spiney

    Bill Kelso

    Hi, just looking for some opinions on this maker. I’m not overly knowledgeable ( as you’ve probably already worked out ) on these things but I have heard of them and don’t remember hearing anything bad . Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve seen a jacket I’m very tempted in.
  4. Spiney

    Have I made a mistake? ( jacket on order )

    Hi everyone. I’m just trying to get some advice if that’s ok. What I’m about to say may annoy some people or they may think I’m being pathetic. Here goes- I have an Aero Bootlegger on order, it’s still a way off production so I assume I can still mod/change order . This is my first proper jacket...
  5. Spiney

    Simmons Bilt

    I’m just trying to get some feedback on this brand. Really like a few of their designs and they seem to be a fair bit cheaper than Aero and a lot cheaper than anyone else.
  6. Spiney

    Best Jacket for on and off the bike

    Hi all. I’m loosely considering another motorcycle and wanted some advice on this . Really not a fan of the out and out bike jackets that are probably excellent on the bike but ( to me anyway) , look a little odd when walking around.

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