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  1. DeaconKC

    Cowboy Action Shooting anyone?

    Wondering how many other CAS shooters we have here. Yup, I am known as Deacon KC shooting, and in Alabama as DeaconKFC, due to last year's State Championship "Ghost Chickens in the Sky". What's your Alias, and where do you shoot?
  2. DeaconKC

    Favorite shaving soaps

    Let's face it, one area we can enjoy a little luxury is in enjoying a good shave. Just got an old favorite back, Mama Bear's Diogenes Club shaving soap. Man, what a great scent and lather. What are some of your favorite soaps...
  3. DeaconKC

    Mad clear through, dagnabbit!

    Lost a faithful old friend today, a beat old old leather flat cap that has traveled many miles with me. Had a parolee that we had to arrest and he didn't like the idea. By the time we were done, he was in the back of my car, but my old hat hat wound up under the pile and before anyone noticed...
  4. DeaconKC

    In praise of the cheap wool crusher!

    Okay, this will sound crazy, but this is to say how useful these cheap and plain hats are. I've got two that are my everyday work hats. I bought them on sale at Rural King [ a chain of farm supply stores] and they see use and abuse everyday. They are not as nice as a Stetson or Borsalino, but...
  5. DeaconKC

    Vintage rifles for sale

    I have three WW2 rifles for sale, the link is below, thanks http://southernillinoisguntrader.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/9365185-ww2-rifles-for-sale
  6. DeaconKC

    A victory for decorum.

    While in court today I wanted to applaud the judge. He told one of the "gentlemen" appearing there to pull up his pants and make sure they stayed up. He then warned everyone there that he would not tolerate pants falling down and would take appropriate action! Absolutely made my day!
  7. DeaconKC

    Anybody here used Cabela's hats?

    Hi folks, I am looking for a new work hat. This will be an everyday hat that could actually get torn up [I'm a Parole Agent that works the field]. So I am not going to buy an expensive Stetson, etc. I have used Cabela's shirts before and they are great, but have any of you used these hats, and...
  8. DeaconKC

    A great movie from 1926

    Just found this movie and was floored by it. Great clothes, but I cracked up about 5 minutes in, when the attitude about Prohibition shows up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWRoRQHgmvc
  9. DeaconKC

    Need help on flat caps and fisherman's hats

    Okay, trying to find some answers for a friend. We are getting into Zoot Shooting, a sport that recreates the Prohibition Era. I have lots of evidence of the newsboy cap during the era, but cannot find out when the flat [driving] cap or the "Greek Fisherman's hat" started becoming popular. As we...
  10. DeaconKC

    Some very Cool Cats in Prohibition

    This sounds silly, but it is a fun link. An internet cartoon series set in the Prohibition Era with cats as the main characters. http://lackadaisy.foxprints.com/comic.php?comicid=1
  11. DeaconKC

    What other songs have become immortal?

    Just finished watching "Casablanca" and was struck how the song "As Time Goes By" is still so well known. It is my opinion that the movie's using it as such an integral part of the story is greatly responsible for this. What other fantastic pieces of music that might have faded from memory are...
  12. DeaconKC

    Question about spats

    Okay folks, here is my question: I know some were made from white or even tan canvas, but were other materials used? And if so, what? Thanks!
  13. DeaconKC

    Little House on the Prairie

    Today is the birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder in 1867, author of the book that launches the long running television series.
  14. DeaconKC

    How to get started in Fountain Pens

    There have been many questions listed here about getting started with fountain pens, so I thought I would post some things i have learned using them for many years. I hope this will be useful and maybe save you from some expensive mistakes I have made. I carry my FPs every day at work and they...
  15. DeaconKC

    Coffee, grind your own?

    Okay Ladies and Gents, who else here goes through the extra effort to grind your own beans? I have to admit that it is worth it to me to spend the extra clean up effort to get that freshest taste possible.
  16. DeaconKC

    100 years and still going strong!

    Not meant to be political, but the 29th of March marked the 100th Birthday of one of the world's iconic firearms. The Colt Government Model .45. Accepted by the U S Army, it was replaced by a 9mm in the 80s, but never fully retired. It is still serving as one of the premier sidearms available...
  17. DeaconKC

    Baseball smile

    No matter how the Cardinals end this season, at least we can always make fun of the Cubs. Twenty major events that have occurred since the Chicago Cubs last laid claim to a World Series championship: 1. Radio was invented; Cubs fans got to hear their team lose. 2. TV was...
  18. DeaconKC

    Good to be back

    Wow, the last 2 months have been wild. Illnesses in the family, inland hurricanes, etc. But the Lord is good and no one hurt, everyone getting well and things slowly getting back to normal. I missed you guys!
  19. DeaconKC

    Who else grinds coffee?

    Okay, who else here enjoys the results of a fresh ground cuppa java? Just too nice a way to start the morning for me to pass up.
  20. DeaconKC

    I wish I had a job I could dress nicely at

    Minor whining here. I've got a very good job [thank you LORD], but as a Field Parole Agent, I just cannot dress in nice clothes. The jeans and casual shirts work well with kevlar vests and the glamorous accessories we carry, but sometimes I wish I could carry my nice fountain pen and wear a...

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