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  1. AbbaDatDeHat

    Pass The Hat Please

    Greetings all. How about a thread where we could pass hats about? You know, say you have a hat or two just lounging about the place unemployed, desperate to go to the dance but no one to take it. Lol Pity the poor hat so...pass it on to a friend. Maybe the friend will enjoy it’s company then...
  2. AbbaDatDeHat

    Cool Hats Owned By Others

    Greetings All: How about a thread where we can see some cool hats that don’t belong to you. Not a discussion thread per se, but try not to get carried away. Lol Commentary is not required but might be nice so the thread doesn’t get derailed with questions. So...let’s see som Cool Hats!! Be well...
  3. AbbaDatDeHat

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    Greetings All: Well....today i was planning on pulling out one of my most special, Stetson did it friggin alright, wear only for something special hat, just to brighten up my day. I was brushing it and noticed a thingy place, then a kinda unrecognized area and immediately went into “Panic...

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