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  1. Jazzcat

    FS Art Fawcett 7 1/8 fedora

    I am offering this very seldom worn fedora by Art Fawcett. The size is 7 1/8 and it is in a featherweight felt. I believe the color to be Sahara and it comes with the original mint hat box. I received the hat in March 2009 and just never wear it. Asking $225, which includes shipping and...
  2. Jazzcat

    NHL Winter Classic

    Anybody a Boston Bruins fan? This retro themed game was on NBC this afternoon and all of Boston"s coaching staff was wearing stingy brimmed fedoras. Very hip! and a great game too!
  3. Jazzcat

    Milestone Hats

    Every time I hit a major milestone in life, I try to mark it with a hat. When my son was born, I had a hat made with his initials stamped into the sweatband. I did the same when my daughter was born. Recently, I got promoted to the position of Captain at the fire department I work for...
  4. Jazzcat

    Optimo and Art

    Hello folks, While I have been a member of this forum for many years, I have relatively few posts. I'm more of a reader than a writer I suppose. But my current situation warented some action. I have been lucky enough to have a hat on order from Graham at Optimo and Art Fawcett at the...
  5. Jazzcat

    How should my fedora fit?

    When wearing my hat it feels comfortable and would not come off without a good breeze. However, with a little effort, I can stick the end of a pencil on either side inbetween the hat and my head just in front of my ears. I realize that I have somewhat of an oval head shape. The hat does not...
  6. Jazzcat

    If money were no object.....

    If you could get a modern, newly made felt hat (Fawcett, Optimo, etc.) without the consideration of cost, what would you get and why? Who's considered "top of the line" these days?
  7. Jazzcat

    Casual vs. Formal colors?

    I was just curious. What colors would you folks recomend for the casual fedora? I live in Florida and have a nice staw for those perfect sunny days. But I don't dare take it out if there's a chance of rain. I'd like to get a light weight fedora to wear with shorts and summer shirts on those...
  8. Jazzcat

    bucket hats?

    Anybody have any advice on finding a good quality cloth bucket hat? I'd like to find something that resembles the traditional fedora look. Thanks
  9. Jazzcat

    Ordered my first fedora......Optimo

    First, thanks to everyone on the forum for their responses to my redundant newbie questions. After speaking with Graham (sp?) at Optimo, I went with a Bogie style, 2.25" brim, heavyweight in the Saddle color. After a lengthy conversation, Graham gave me his recomendations on sizing and so...
  10. Jazzcat

    Road to Perdition, Tom Hanks Polo Coat - NEED HELP!!!

    Road to Perdition Trench Coat Anybody know who made Tom Hanks' trench coat for the movie?
  11. Jazzcat

    Fedora with shorts?

    Anybody ever wear thier favorite fedora while in shorts and a Tshirt? Just curious.
  12. Jazzcat

    Fedora Glossary

    Can anyone help me with the following terms? Taper, I know it's bad, but what is it? Pre Blocking C Block and what is a welted edge? Is there a link to hatting terms?
  13. Jazzcat

    What hat are you waiting for today?

    Waiting for an Optimo Can anyone give me a rough idea on how long the wait would be for a hat from Optimo?

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