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  1. Louis Mountbatten

    Moon Over Tokyo - Stetsons from Japan

    So, I came across an odd stingy brim fedora made by Stetson in Japan, looks like 1940s (or 50s). What is odd about it, is that the is a double sweatband. A cloth one that has an edge wrapped over a leather one. Also, the "Stetson Premier" stamp in the leather seems to have been stamped into...
  2. Louis Mountbatten

    FOR SALE: Steton Hat Window Display Flyter - 1940s era

    $40 -This is a brochure by Silverwoods showing their Stetson hat sales window displays. It is in an outer folder with a folded inner piece. Measures 9-1/4 X 4-3/16
  3. Louis Mountbatten

    FOR SALE: Champ Feather Packets

    $20 - Four glassine envelopes with hat feathers, by the Champ hat co. Packets measure 5-1/2 X 3-3/8.
  4. Louis Mountbatten

    FOR SALE: Wormser Tie Tying Guide - 40s or 50s

    $20- tie tying guide by Wormser hats. 6X3-1/2 when folded.
  5. Louis Mountbatten

    VIDEO: How the world's oldest hat shop has stayed in business for nearly 350 years

    VIDEO: How the world's oldest hat shop has stayed in business for nearly 350 years This video shows a conformateur being used... https://www.businessinsider.com/lock-and-co-hatters-london-worlds-oldest-hat-shop-2021-7
  6. Louis Mountbatten

    Stetson pulls products from HatWRKS Over Vaccination Controversy

    The John B. Stetson Company announces that it has ceased the sale of all their products at HatWRKS, after the Nashville hat store said they’re selling ‘not vaccinated patches,’ which resemble the yellow Star of David badges that Jewish people were forced to wear as identifiers during the...

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