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  1. J

    Wouldn't it be a shame if this thread gets locked/removed too?

    i find it odd and disappointing that mods are recently locking threads or removing them all together for people to voice their concern and opinion. When a certain discussion is about a members individual experience with a certain maker (recurring theme) it seems mods are quick on putting a stop...
  2. J

    Levi's x Aero ruff n ready 30s black HH cross zip (small)

    Price: $400 plus shipping within CONUS. Originally paid $650 after acquiring the jacket from England. Reason for selling: moving another jacket on to make way and generate funds for another project The jacket is a collaboration between Levi's and Aero. I bought the jacket after seeing the aero...
  3. J

    Old Aero A2 jacket (size 36, brown,unknown hide)

    Testing waters for this old Aero A2 from Japan. Bought during the Summer of 2020 off of eBay. The jacket is in good wearable condition. Price: PayPal FF $250 plus shipping within CONUS. Willing to ship overseas? Maybe but I've never done that before and shipping might be expensive for...
  4. J

    Johnson Leather Jacket

    Disclaimer: noob doing a review. I don't normally start threads but I want to highlight the work of Johnson Leathers of San Francisco hey guys, I would like to share my new JL jacket (it's my 3rd with them). JL is local to me and I'm lucky to be within such a short distance from their shop...
  5. J

    Old Aero A2 leather jacket.

    Hello guys. I'm new to the lounge but has been lurking for about 3 months since I bought a lightly used unbroken in Aero 50s HB (black cxl). The lounge has been a great resource for information about leather types/jacket selection/etc so I want to say thank you to everyone for their knowledge...

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