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    Aero Cropduster size 38

    For sale is this Aero Cropduster in jerky teacore HH. It is slightly different form the stock model: the back is pleated and there are no straps on the cuffs. I broke a ring and replaced it on the right chest zipper pull. The 50's fit (rather boxy) and midweight jerky HH make it a very...
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    Padded CHP size 40

    For sale is this unbranded CHP in thick but soft cowhide. It has all the features of a Cal, including mouton lining in the cuffs. I'm selling it because I'm not comfortable with the fit (Ptp is too roomy). It's in pretty good condition. Only defect worth mentioning is 2 paint stains, one on the...
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    Lost worlds Ryder size 38

    Got this from the classifieds, but it's slightly too short for me to wear, so it has to go. I will regret it because it's incredible to experience what LW leather looks and feels like when eventually broken in: super pliable with an amazing grain. Condition is excellent, with no apparent wear...
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    Lewis Leathers Super Monza size 38

    For sale is this beautiful Super Monza. Original post by @Monitor is here: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fs-lewis-leathers-monza-size-38.104842/#post-2835245 Nothing much to add except I thought I could get away with the narrow 19" ptp. The style is fantastic, and I could still wear...
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    Engelbert Vanek cycling jacket size 38

    For sale is this made in Austria cycling jacket aka Luftwaffe jacket. Fits like a snug 38. I'm selling it mainly because I hardly ever wear it. The leather is supple but very hefty, with very pronounced grain in places. It was sold as horse hide. It was most likely handmade to measure, with...
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    Pure Blue Japan type II denim trucker size 40

    For sale is this Pure Blue Japan trucker. The brand is distributed in England by Rivet and Hide https://rivetandhide.com/shop/brands/pure-blue-japan.html The fabric is midweight with a glazed herringbone twill pattern (which almost unavoidably produces a moiré effect in the photos). The pictures...
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    Fidelity crosszip size 40-42

    For sale is this Fidelity crosszip in grainy steerhide. It has a clean one piece back and snaps on the belt. Quilted lining, sleeves included. Coats and Clark main zip. Good overall condition, considering its age (my guess is it's from the 70's). Leather is midweight, very supple. No size tag...
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    FS Cal CHP size 38-40

    Up for sale is this Cal leather CHP in tough cowhide. Brass N°1 Talon main zipper. Serval cuff zippers. All functional. Lining in good condition. There was a slight smell when I received the jacket, but in time it seems to have vanished. P to P: 22 1/2' Shoulders: 18 1/2' Sleeve: 23 3/4' Hem...
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    FS: HD Sportster racing shirt

    Up for sale is this Harley Davidson racing shirt (formerly known as cafe racer). It has all the typical features : Scovill zippers, 1 chest pocket, clean and sober look, with generously tailored upper arms that make moving easy, tapered waist and some flare at the bottom hem. Leather was sold...
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    FS/ Schott trucker size M

    Up for sale is this Schott trucker in supple black pebbled leather. Light enough for spring and summer, it is very versatile and convenient with 6 pockets (2 chest, 2 handwarmers, and 2 inside pockets). Size M is approx 40. Not worn much. P to P: 22' Shoulder: 18' Back: 25' Sleeves: 26' Hem...
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    Thedi handwashed cowhide

    A while ago, on the TFL Thurston thread, I saw pictures of a custom Thedi that blew my mind. It was modeled after one of their available models which is originally leather and canvas, but this one was full leather. Like the other Thedi models, it has no name, but a number (something like...
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    Cal CHP straight zip

    Because this model is hard to find in my size, I pulled the trigger in a hurry when I found this one, without realizing the seller had given around the curve measurements for the sleeves, which makes a big difference and can be misleading. Anyway, I'm selling it because it is overall too short...
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    Aero aged tan Plainsman size 40

    Selling this beautiful plainsman I recently bought from Robbie79. (https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/new-aero-plainsman-heavy-4oz-tan-steerhide-no-longer-available-from-aero-size-40.97251/#post-2542892) Sizing with Aero is always tricky. Sometimes a 38 is almost too big, and sometimes a 40...
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    Vanson Model B size 42

    Reluctantly selling this great Model B, purchased not long ago from Dubpynchon Reason is, I just found an Enfield size 40, which fits perfectly. This one is a little too wide for me at the waist. I didn't get to wear it much, so nothing has changed since the previous description...
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    Ready for Thedi

    Maybe I should’ve posted something in the How many jackets do you have coming ? thread, but I’m kind of superstitious, and tend not to talk about something until it really arrives. When planning on a trip, I only start believing it when I’m actually on the plane. Anyway, when I saw these...

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