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    FS: Rivetts London Goatskin Perfecto Sz 40

    Original listing, with a bunch o’ stellar pictures and info, below: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/sold-80s-rivetts-london-goatskin-perfecto-size-40.106140/#post-2873327 Only addition to original write up is that the key pocket bag needs repair. $200 +shipping
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    New Scammer

    In response to a WTB (yes, I am the fool who listed a size) a brand new user, fedoralover21, requested I go through email and proceeded to send me the Thurston-Bros website pics, claiming he took them a few weeks ago but was out of town so unable to verify possession. Keep your eyes peeled folks.
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    WTB - Vanson cross zip, 40ish

    Title says it all, anyone got anything black in good shape they’re interested in parting with?
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    Schott 607h, 40

    Purchased NOSWT in September, just not the fit I’m looking for. The horse hide is killer and not even close to being broken in. $400USD +shipping. Interested in trades for cross zips, particularly those with a riders cut. P2P-23.25 Shoulder-18.75 Length-25 Sleeve-23 As a side note, have any...
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    Waxed canvas pants

    There’s Red Cloud, Sidnaw (Mercy) and? Who else makes a reasonably slim pair of waxed canvas pants?
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    Schott Catalogues

    Hey all, Anyone have a link to old Schott catalogues? I’m specifically looking for the 2004.
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    Schott Catalogues

    Wrong forum!

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