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  1. T Rick

    Propper (NOT Propper as it turns out) USGI Peacoat missing

    Returned home from a work assignment in another State today. The friend I was renting from/sharing a house with passed away just before my leaving, but I was told not to worry about the house, nothing would be touched until after the first of the year. When I returned, it seems the family came...
  2. T Rick

    Long term travel, what hats to take??

    Can't take them all (already thought of that!). I'm temporarily relocating to South East Florida again (a bit further North to start this time). In fact, I may be there anywhere from 2 to 6 months, possibly even longer. I of course will take most of my straws. Including the Akubra Capricorn...
  3. T Rick

    Do you ever wear a hat around the house?

    Like it says, and just because. Now I know some consider it bad manners, but I am mostly talking of when I am home alone and hanging out. Get the urge to wear one of my growing collection of hats, and no intent or desire to really get out and about (or can't for various reasons). So, if...
  4. T Rick

    Would this hat take the place of a Fed IV?

    Won a great looking vintage Stetson tonight on eBay (hope it fits!). I'd been planning to buy a Fed IV in brown, as my only brown Fedora (which for some reason seems more "all purpose" to me) so far is my nice vintage Mallory 10. Needed more variety. Wondering if the Fed IV is different enough...
  5. T Rick

    Stetson "Nostalgia", post your pics

    In honor of the discontinuation of this hat, I thought it might be nice to have a(nother?) thread dedicated to photo's of the much under appreciated hat (which is one of my favorites), Stetson's Nostalgia (according to inside sources, it seems there are less than a thousand of these in...
  6. T Rick

    Will distilled white vinegar harm felt or riibbon?

    Wanting to go to work on my Mallory's ribbon (sweat stain removal), and the first effort, I still would like to consider attempting to clean it in place (after all, it's been there since new). I suspect the vinegar may be a good approach (not really sure why), and thought I might give it a try...
  7. T Rick

    Postal damage. Any hope of recovery?

    Okay, first the most important thing. The hat is fine (amazing in fact!). Now for the back story. I won this auction on eBay a few days back (in fact hadn't even spotted it until paying for another I'd won, it was at $22 and had only 15 minutes left...). It's a beautiful old Trimble, totally...
  8. T Rick

    Sunglasses that work well with a Fedora?

    With my new hat habit, I am realizing that my existing sunglasses for the most part just don't work with the hats I am buying. My current glasses are mostly original style aviators (not teardrop) like Randolph and American Optics (the type issued to the Armed Forces flight crews for decades)...
  9. T Rick

    Cleaning a hat band in place?

    I just picked up a nice looking Mallory Ten, looks to be in great shape except some staining on the otherwise beautiful vintage grosgrain copper/brown band. I'd be tempted to try spraying it down with distilled water, brushing it with a mild soap or perhaps baby shampoo, spray-rinse with more...
  10. T Rick

    Size range for vintages to increase choices?

    I'm pretty much a size 7 1/8 AFAIK. A few in size 7 at a local hatter seemed to fit. Having a look at the vintage market, it occurred to me that there is a possibility I may (or may not) be able to increase my available choices by expanding the size range I look for slightly. Thinking...
  11. T Rick

    Brown A2 jacket, Blue/Black Peacoat, 1 hat, what color?

    Not sure this will work out, but wondering your thoughts WRT color matching (or not). I'd like to start with one decent hat (fur felt minimum, beaver is better). The two coats/jackets I'll be wearing for the Winter are the brown goatskin USAF issue A2 flight jacket and a USN issue peacoat (navy...
  12. T Rick

    What to wear with my fedora hat?

    My usual dress is pretty casual. Jeans and T Shirt much of the time, jeans most of the time. Wondering if the "typical" Fedora hat is too dressy for jeans? I often do move to a silk shirt (Nat Nast typically) for evenings out, would the shirt, jeans and a hat work in most folk's opinion? Any...

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