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  1. Justhandguns

    Silver Wings : WASP

    News coming out that they are going to make a movie about the WASP. http://geektyrant.com/news/silver-wings-is-a-new-wwii-film-project-based-on-the-first-women-airforce-pilots Hopefully it will actually materialise. And see who is/are going to make the jackets....
  2. Justhandguns

    Has any one come across the brand 'Matchless' jackets?

    I was browsing the net for jackets and this 'Matchless' brand came up. Apparently the brand has 'British' roots and are making some movie jackets? Just wonder if anyone has owned any of their jackets. I suspect some Italian companies bought the brand up and pretend to be British..... sounds...
  3. Justhandguns

    Price differences between different hides

    I need your collective minds here. I was in a discussion with some fashion junkies who think that lambskin is king. I want to find out roughly how much different good quality hides cost, as a raw material. I seriously need to provide some convincing figures to get back into the discussion. Any...
  4. Justhandguns

    Simply about leathers

    I found this article about the current scene of the leather industry. I cannot say how accurate some of the figures and analysis are in the article, NOR I am a tree hugger or vegetarian of some sort. BUT! Next time when you buy a leather jacket, think about all the hard work behind the making of...
  5. Justhandguns

    Another day, another Bill Kelso Dubow 1755

    I guess a lot of people are taking shipments from Bill Kelso lately. I will try to keep this as a short review at the moment, I hope I can make a proper review which pits this Bill Kelso Dubow against the other A-2 jackets that I have owned. This is what you would expect from the delivery...
  6. Justhandguns

    Aero price increase! Again? (Sept,2012)

    So, some sharp eye fellas in Hong Kong spotted this, I guess not many of you acutally look at the tiny news section in Aero's site. http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/news-detail.php?id=127
  7. Justhandguns

    Now, my Aero 40-3785-P with 506th PIR patches.....

    As a follow up of my previous thread about regretting placing patches on my new Aero 40-3785-P A-2. Here are some of the pics. I think the jacket fits pretty well, as I am a slim built person. As I did some researches on the patches, apparently for retired war veterans, in honour of thier old...
  8. Justhandguns

    Regretting to put patches on my new Aero A-2......

    I have ordered a Aero A-2 jacket with the 506th PIR and the airborne patches. I got the jacket a few weeks ago and then sent it back for sewing the backordered patches on. The painted 506th PIR looks pretty good and accurate, but the screaming eagle patch is very very disappointing. First, they...
  9. Justhandguns

    Real Mccoy vs Goodwear from David Himel's website

    This is what I found from David Himel's blogspot website. http://vintageleatherjackets.blogspot.com/ Disclaimer : Pics borrowed from his website I just wonder who has been to this LA and Vintage show?
  10. Justhandguns

    About the place my Aero A-2 order. Smooth or Jerky Russet?

    I am about the place my order for an Aero A-2, very likely to be the 1940 model. I just can't decide on whether I want Jerky Russet or a Smooth Russet. I've looked at some pics from the Aero USA website and found that the jerky ones are more reddish, which I like, while the smooth russet ones...

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