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  1. gtdean48

    FS Royal DeLuxe Stratoliner Vintage 7 1/2 LO w/ box, pin

    Rare vintage Royal DeLuxe Stratoliner with box & pin. Sold all together. $650 plus actual shipping cost in USA.
  2. gtdean48

    WTT Stetson OR 7x CB 7 5/8

    WTT Stetson 7x CB Open Road 7 5/8 Shudde Bros refurbished. Looking for Western style 7x CB, same size range, 3+ inch brim
  3. gtdean48

    FS: Aero Sonoma Racer FQHH Tartan liner tagged 42 but smaller $600

    Aero FQHH Sonoma Racer with Scottish Tartan wool lining. Marked a 42 but measures smaller. Pit to Pit = 21 3/4" (Size 38 or trim fit 40 IMHO) Shoulder = 20" Sleeve = 27 3/4" Back = 27 $600 shipped CONUS Too tight across the chest for me. My 50's HB is marked 42 but is much larger. If not...
  4. gtdean48

    FS: Royal Deluxe Premiere Stetson Stratoliner, 7 5/8, Mink, $185

    Hardly worn, time in vintage Stratoliner hatbox, not getting any noggin time, too close in color to Excellent Start in olive. $185 shipped CONUS Sent from my QTAQZ3 using Tapatalk
  5. gtdean48

    FS: Vintage Stetson Stratoliner, mid-gray, 7 5/8, $200

    In excellent vintage condition, a touch darker than Moonstone. Pristine sweatband, nice liner. True 7 5/8 size. 50's vintage. $200 + $15 shipping CONUS. Sent from my QTAQZ3 using Tapatalk
  6. gtdean48

    Not to be political but.THIS IS WRONG

    I don't like what Stetson did to this US Flag for this advertisement AT ALL.... A shawl or wrap out of fabric that is colored like a flag or has flags is one thing. But this Flag looks to have served proudly & deserves more respect than being a wrap...
  7. gtdean48

    Leather jackets on TV shows - Goat or Lamb?

    I've noticed some jackets on 2 specific TV shows lately that seem to be very thin goat or lamb. Both a cafe racer style. One show is Chicago PD & other is The Dig. The Chicago PD jacket seems awfully thin for the character to be wearing as main outerwear for Chicago winter. Stylish but no...
  8. gtdean48

    For Trade: Original 1950's Sears Hercules size 40 looking for 42 or 44 vtg

    The 40 is just too snug in chest & shoulders. Length is fine in body & sleeves. Very nice vintage example. Will provide photos for anybody with something to trade. Was going to let my son have it but he has shown no real interest in vintage leather jackets...gets that from his mom I guess....[huh]
  9. gtdean48

    SOLD! Aero Highwayman Cow/Steer 44 Reg $350 CONUS

    Here is a jacket I got from a Lounger up for sale. I'm an off the rack size 44 Regular & it fits true to my size. One tag says cow & one says steer. Below is text from original Aero sales page to explain origin. "Brown Steerhide Highwayman, Size 44", S#1946 - SOLD 15/6/12 Size 44"...
  10. gtdean48

    TV show Chicago PD

    Caught an episode of this show the other nice. Noticed quite a number of Cafe Racer type jackets for the detectives. Thought it was interesting how they were wearing these in the Chicago winter...looked cool but not that warm! :eusa_doh:
  11. gtdean48

    Anyone Have an ORVIS® Muir Woods ff Fedora? It's now on Sale

    Saw this one in the Orvis Men's Clothing catalog in my "library". Seems to be made in Adamstown, PA by Bollman Hat Company, same maker as Bailey & Eddy Bros. Anybody in the Lounge ever handled or worn one? Looks a lot like the 3 Forks & Moose River...
  12. gtdean48

    Zip in Liner, Zipper Pull on the Liner

    I am looking for models of leather jackets that have zip in liners where the zipper pull is on the liner & not the jacket. I have some off brand MC jackets, MAS, where the zipper pulls are on the jacket. Are Schott, Brooks, etc. jackets with zip in liners configured this way? TIA
  13. gtdean48

    Cowhide Character Development?

    I have a used FQHH that is developing lots of character as I wear it doing almost everything I can around the ranch. Now, I also have a cowhide Highwayman that looks brand spanking new. I know this cow is tanned differently than the Horween Horse so can I accelerate its patina development any?[huh]
  14. gtdean48

    Quaid's VEGAS jacket

    I was catching up on recorded TV recently & watched VEGAS with Dennis Quaid. Liked what looks to be a half belt Did a search but no luck finding previous thread. Maybe experts can point me to one if already covered. It looks suede to me in some shots...
  15. gtdean48

    7 1/2 XLO Stetson Open Road, vintage Canadian, Optimo Refurb $115 CONUS

    Marked as 7 1/2 Extra Long Oval, fits my 7 5/8 noggin. Bought from estate via antique dealer, no liner & sweat was totally gone. I got 3 from same owner. Has fading around the crown where the sweat is. Optimo did total refurb = cleaning, new ribbons, new sweatband, new liner....that cost me...
  16. gtdean48

    7 5/8 Stetson Stratoliner vintage, original sweat & liner medium brown $200 CONUS

    Vintage Stetson Stratoliner, 2 3/4" brim, original sweatband & liner, 7 5/8 Long Oval, medium brown color. Cleaned & blocked by Oscar at South Street Hats in Philly. Some oxidation on reed ferrel. Asking $200 shipping CONUS included, no pin included
  17. gtdean48

    7 5/8 Knox 20 Open Road clone 3" brim $200 CONUS shipping included

    Vintage Knox Twenty Open Road Clone Silverbelly, greyish tint version. 7 5/8 with 3" brim, asking $200 Shipping to CONUS included. Other shipping add in actual costs
  18. gtdean48

    Stetson most expensive hat

    From Stetson Facebook Posting... STETSON FACT: in 1954, a $1,500 hat took a year to be created by 43 skilled workers dubbed "the world's most expensive hat" and was kept in a hand-tooled leather case (stewardess is sitting on the case below). The band was made of sterling silver fashioned into...
  19. gtdean48

    Aero Cow compared with Steer?

    I know the difference between a cow & a steer & never had to milk a steer to figure that out. In the leather used by Aero for jackets, I think I have seen labels of genuine steerhide & genuine cow hide. Is steer superior to cow if tanned/processed the same way? TIA
  20. gtdean48

    Had hats that smelled of smoke but none haunted....

    NY Post... http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/hats_don_need_heads_yOsloSBWxFjUScei7O5LQN

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