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  1. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    Thanks! Gave it a shot though, and no luck. The tension that keeps it in the locked position is present, but super weak. Pinching doesn't seem to have helped on this one
  2. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    Thanks Marc! I emailed with Steve at LL and he's going to get me a new slider, and then I'll be able to follow those instructions!
  3. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    Thanks! I just sent them a message through their website
  4. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    Actually, just looking more closely now, and I think i see the "locking" aspect. The part of the zipper that secures the pull to the slider, on my of my other jackets, appears to have some tension that causes the part of this piece opposite the hinge to sort of drag on the teeth of the zipper...
  5. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    This is subject i've never really pit much though toward despite decades of wearing jackets, so I might be over thinking this now. How do you visually differentiate a non locking zipper from a locking one? Just looking at the zipper on this jacket now, everything looks fine. The teeth look...
  6. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    It definitely wasn't like "ziiiiiiiiiip!!!" with my jacket popping open all at once. It just slowly crept down as the wind kept creating force. I became aware of it during the last few inches when I started to feel more of a draft and also wasn't feeling the snugness of the jacket in front of my...
  7. erikb02809

    Ever have a zipper that was too smooth?

    I've owned a Lewis Leathers Star Lightning for almost a year that I picked up in used but like new condition here on the Lounge. Great jacket, wore it for the first time on my motorcycle today, and while on the highway the wind unzipped it! lol. I had it zipped 3/4 of the way up, like you...
  8. erikb02809

    Cult Classic Outerwear

    Might not be a good fit for the more vintage oriented focus of the FL, but it's not so far off that I feel like it's completely out of place to mention Triple Aught Design's (TAD) Interval Denim jacket. It's basically a cafe racer jean jacket, and as far as I know, unique to TAD. They've been...
  9. erikb02809

    Schott, Legendary USA and Vanson

    I've owned one Schott Perfecto (this was over a decade ago, not sure what model number), and went through 3 Legendary USA Trojan models before they sent me one that didn't have rather significant assembly issues (like a 12" section of the lining not being sewn in for some reason). I've also...
  10. erikb02809

    WTB: Pegasus Safari Jacket

    I've owned a few horsehide Pegasus jackets. The "quick to chip" character belonged to the horsehide they used before they switched to Shinki. I was not a fan, but purchased anyway because of the other strong points their jackets posses. My most recent jacket from them was delivered last year...
  11. erikb02809

    A barf worthy rip off of an appropriated pattern

    @MrProper https://www.instagram.com/fjorde/ might be one? His IG comes up in my recommendations a lot, and I always figured that "look" of how his jackets fit was because he should probably go up a size. I had never really stopped and thought how Japanese cuts and reverse vanity sizings...
  12. erikb02809

    FS: near new custom Langlitz cascade

    Super cool looking jacket!
  13. erikb02809

    FS: Bates leather flight style 46

    I'm digging the yellow lining on this one. Looks really cool!
  14. erikb02809

    Bill Kelso

    I've owned 3 BK Dukes. 1 in Victory HH I bought from them that I sold to tmitchell, and 2 others in seal Liberty HH. On all 3, they're a bit more obviously handmade than, say, LW, (ie. stitching can be a little wavy in spots) but they make a really nice jacket imo. For the price they charge...
  15. erikb02809

    Eastman Luftwaffe – 44

    As the previous owner, I'd just like to say, hats off to you for the quick sale. I was in disbelief how long it took me to find a buyer for such an incredible jacket when I was selling it. If I remember correctly, I had it listed for almost 2 months. Your photography does such a great job of...
  16. erikb02809

    Hi guys im new here had a question about my new schott perfecto 618

    Just figured I'd chime in here to try to be helpful. Saxena107, I think you're misinterpreting Treeman and El Marro's recent posts. Pretty sure they weren't annoyed, at all. It sounds like your recent jacket is causing you wayyyyyy more of a headache than enjoyment. I am confident their intent...
  17. erikb02809

    Fs: Eastman Ostmann/Luffwaffe

    sold pending funds!
  18. erikb02809

    Fs: Eastman Ostmann/Luffwaffe

    Bump, and lowered asking price to $650 shipped conus
  19. erikb02809

    Fs: Eastman Ostmann/Luffwaffe

  20. erikb02809

    Fs: Eastman Ostmann/Luffwaffe

    Still available!

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