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  1. MDphoto

    Indianapolis Hat Shops?

    I'm going to be visiting Indianapolis, this weekend and would like to visit a hat shop while I'm there if possible. I've done some searching online and all I could find is DadsHats. Since everything seems to be on backorder on their site, I'm figuring it may not be worth it to visit them. Is...
  2. MDphoto

    Today is a good day

    Ever have one of those days when things you've ordered online all arrive on the same day? Well that's how things are shaping up for me. Today I received a hat block (52) and a hat flange. Just for fun I checked on my ribbon order and The UPS site says it's out for delivery! Now I get to play...
  3. MDphoto

    Ever buy a hat because of where it's from?

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted in the lounge, but my love for hats has never ceased. I was in the process of of searching through vintage hats on an auction site, when I came across one that was originally sold in my town. Even though the hat is a size too small I was...
  4. MDphoto

    Build it and they will come?

    So I just got few things from the local Home Depot so I can build my first block. I'm very excited to learn and experience the birth of my own hat someday. Now that I'm getting to start my little project, I come across a couple of blocks in my size and currently pretty cheap (see the build it...
  5. MDphoto

    New old hat

    So I've been thinking about getting an old beater hat so I can so I can have a little project to work on. I've always thought it would be fun to have a restoration project and after reading some of the old post on here about some of you making your own blocks and such really got the bug in my...
  6. MDphoto

    Hat Shops in Charlotte,NC?

    I'll be visiting Charlotte,NC tomorrow and was curious if there are hat shops worth visiting in that area. Thanks
  7. MDphoto

    Recommend a hat

    In a few days I will be leaving for my first trip out west to Phoenix. I will mainly be around the Grand Canyon and I have no idea what type of hat to bring or purchase before my trip. Unfortunately, I will be leaving in just a couple of days so I don't have time to order anything online. Can...
  8. MDphoto


    Ok, I have what I would assume is common problem around here. I have money burning a whole in my pocket and I would like to get a hat(s), but I think I might be overlooking some choices and I wanted to see what you guys think. I have $400.00 that I can spend. I know that isn't a ton of money...
  9. MDphoto

    The right hat, the right look

    Finding the right hat Hello everyone. Newbie here, so please excuse my ignorance on the this subject, but how do I go about finding the right hat for my face shape? I don't have a hatter in my area (that I can find anyway), there is one upscale mens clothes store in town, but they only...

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