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    The Non Shorpy Web All Stars.

    Good chance the cook there on the JA is a fellow named Jeptha Henson or Hanson, acquaintance of my grandparents. The “hoodlum” looks like he’s napping or trying to-
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    The Non Shorpy Web All Stars.

    With all due respect, that top photo ain’t the Pitchfork-they’re light on tall evergreens. Nice creases, interesting that they’d allow a photo using a makeshift “runnin’ iron,” an expedient rustler’s tool. The third photo, those look more like ‘70’s ”wallabies” to me, and the contemplative...
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    Hawaiian shirts and fedoras

    94 today in my little burg-got out the straws yesterday!
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    Considering a Stetson Open Road, what clothing pairs well with it?

    I went and checked-I have 6 OR clones in the winter rotation, 2 old Resistol and 4 Akubra. It’s the hat design that goes with everything! If I pull on boots in the morning, it’s the cattleman crease; hiking boots can go either cattleman or fedora; fedora style for shoes (I’d pair with chukkas...
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    Does Anyone Think Bezos Cowboy Hat Will Catch On?

    Tommy Lee Jones does wear boots and a worn cowboy hat on a daily basis: I live about 30 miles from his ranch and run across him on a regular basis. I wouldn’t recommend you stride up to him and ask for an autograph……………… I like Bezos’s hat; a symbol of “Yee-hah” and etc. I have 3 hats with a...
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    Hawaiian shirts and fedoras

    Need opinions! I have a cedar chest full of tropical prints I put away after the bugaloo boyz became a “thing” last summer; it’s supposed to be 93 deg F here on Friday. Think I can start wearing the shirts (post 1/6 debacle) without anyone thinking I’m a whack job Q anarchist?
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    The Non Shorpy Web All Stars.

    Best guess would be west Texas or New Mexico in the ‘30’s, based on chaps, saddle, and holstered 1911 Colt. My grandfather started cowboying around 1918, and said most fellows carried their sidearm in an inside chaps pocket, out of sight.
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    The Non Shorpy Web All Stars.

    Supposedly a group of Texas Rangers; don’t know for sure, but I rather doubt it. More likely a whole sheriff’s department doing a photo op. Guns and leather are definitely modern. Also, I don’t recognize the bar....which is unusual........
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    Mountain Boots, I might be the only fan

    Finally got a nice dark pair of Vasque, 50 years too late to be “cool” and mine have burnt orange laces now.........my wife’s standard comment is “Are you gonna wear those to dinner?”
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    Turquoise/Native American jewelry

    Beautiful cuff! I need some help- I want to donate a bolo/buckle/ring set to an educational non-profit (Texas Botanical Gardens) for their upcoming fund raising auction. Does anyone know what the hallmark “DDC” might indicate?
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    Turquoise/Native American jewelry

    That's a brilliant rug, Alan! And, yes, it was woven to be a floor covering. My wife and I have now spent enough time in Taos and Santa Fe buying jewelry and admiring rugs that she's taken up weaving.......talk about a space intensive hobby! Incidentally, I'm the fellow that accosted you in Bob...

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