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  1. matei

    Clean/renovate interior of old leather briefcase

    Hi all…. I picked up a vintage leather briefcase for a few quid over the weekend. I believe it is from the ‘60s - based on the other things being sold at the stand (they look like they came from the same estate sale). The exterior is in decent shape, as is the interior - it is just raw...
  2. matei

    Straw hat - fedora style- recommendation?

    Hi all! Long time, no post. Can someone recommend a straw hat, but with a taller crown - like the vintage Fedora-style dimensions (ie taller crown)? Here in the UK all I can see when I go into the shops that do sell hats are modern lower crowns, huge brims etc. thanks!
  3. matei

    Pecards query

    Hi all... I just ordered some Pecards online to use with my new-ish jackets (ELC and Aero, plus some a few others) but I seem to have ordered the wrong version of Pecards - I got the Antique dressing rather than the standard one. Any harm in using this, or does it have some special mojo for...
  4. matei

    A2/B6 roundel query

    Hi all, Just curious as to the historical accuracy of the USAAF roundel on the shoulders of A2/B6 jackets? I'm going to order an ELC B6 and was considering getting one put on... the decal type - but wasn't sure if they were ever applied to new jackets? Not that I'm going to become a...
  5. matei

    ELC A-2 Rough Wear 27752

    Hi all... once again the FL has been an invaluable source of info re. jacket research. I recently bought a Rough Wear 27752 A-2 from ELC. The first one they sent was really nice, but a wee bit too short. I had a really nice conversation with Dave @ ELC over the phone and he recommended I...
  6. matei

    Eastman Brooklands 3/4 motoring coat query

    Hi all, I recently took delivery of an amazing ELC Rough Wear A2, in horsehide. It fits like the proverbial glove and the horsehide is supple, figured and lightweight. The experience with ELC was so pleasant (ordering, chatting with Dave at ELC, the packaging and of course the finished...
  7. matei

    1930's cocktail cabinet

    Hi all, Prior to my post yesterday, realised that I haven't posted for ages, so I figured I'd share our 1930's-era cocktail cabinet that we picked up about a year ago. We got it for a steal on eBay from a family up in Manchester, they no longer had the space so they wanted it gone. It had...
  8. matei

    Help in dating old family picture

    Hi all, Apologies if this is perhaps the wrong place to post this query! I fear it may predate the Golden Era by perhaps 20-40 years. I'm trying to date the attached picture, it is a picture of my Italian ancestors. I've been told that it is my great-great-grandfather with his mother and...
  9. matei

    FS: Vintage 1940s US Military Khaki Trousers Large Size High Waisted

    Hi all, This might be of interest to any UK or European loungers - here in the UK I'm selling my pair of larger sized US military men's khaki trousers, excellent condition for their age. Perfect for re-enactors or vintage clothing aficionados. These are original 1940s or early 1950s...
  10. matei

    Newsboy cap query - bill size query (B!wear)

    Hi all, About to place an order for a Newsboy style cap from Bwear, a Rocky version (as I'm after a floppier look than the modern caps), however I've read that the bill is a bit longer/bigger with this style. Were I to order one with a normal size bill, but the larger bonnet - would that...
  11. matei

    Custom Hide 1945

    Ciao a tutti, Figured I'd post some picks of my new Custom Hide 1945 briefcase, in case anyone is interested in ordering from them. Very happy with the finished product, would heartily recommend. I'd been on the hunt for ages for a proper retro briefcase. A lot of the vintage pieces I'd...
  12. matei

    Holes in trouser legs from thighs rubbing - how to repair?

    Hi all... Not sure if this has been asked before, tried the search function but came up with lots of threads re. moth holes etc. Basically, as I'm a burly man and not a size zero model, my trousers tend to develop holes where my thighs rub together. Some trousers last longer than others...
  13. matei

    Burberry Prorsum?

    Popped into the Burberry shop in the local outer, and saw some interesting suits hidden in the back, away from the chavy stuff that seems to draw the crowds. They were from Burberry's Prorsum range, and cut from a heavier, coarser cloth than what one normally finds on offer. Actually quite...
  14. matei

    Going to the doctor in the "Golden Era"?

    This might sound like a daft question, but how was something as simple as scheduling a doctor's appointment done? Was there an equivalent to the health insurance that most people have/don't have nowadays, or did you just pay whatever the doctor's fees were? What about paying for operations...
  15. matei

    "I want to feel like a new man"

    Apologies if this has been posted previously, but I stumbled upon this article in today's Guardian and found it to be an interesting read.
  16. matei

    Upstairs, Downstairs anyone?

    No, not the one from the '70s (?), but rather the updated one now showing on the Beeb. Anyone happen to see it? Some lovely '30s interior shots. I don't know how accurate the clothing is - some of the suits look nice - but the few hats I have seen so far aren't so hot.
  17. matei

    Holdall and wash bag

    Picked up a nice wash bag and holdall from Marks and Sparks yesterday. Good deal on the price as well, thanks to the post-Christmas sale. I really needed a proper overnight/carry-on, and this holdall fits the bill nicely. No extraneous pockets, flaps or other nonsense. The wash-bag is also...
  18. matei

    Flask query...

    Hi all... I figured I'd post this in the smoky environs of Th Connoisseur, as it pertains to alcohol-related paraphernalia. I have a metal hip flask from Petersons of Dublin, in which I had left some palincă for perhaps a month. When I went to have a wee nip during a long train ride from...
  19. matei

    Eastman USAAF wallet

    Anyone out there have the Eastman USAAF wallet? I saw a few mentions of it in older threads. Curious how it holds up, as well as how suitable it is for day-to-day modern use?
  20. matei

    To the UK loungers... where to get a decent haircut around Oxford and/or Northampton?

    This is a question to any UK loungers... where to get a decent vintage style haircut around Oxford and/or Northampton? We moved up to Oxfordshire from London a few months back, but I have still yet to find a place that can do a decent "vintage" style cut. My most recent attempt made...

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