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  1. the_imperialist

    FS: 50s Vienna Hat Co. Grey Homburg 7 1/4

    [SOLD] Great 50s 7 1/4 grey homburg by Vienna Hat Co in great condition. Classic proportions, with that very 50s narrow brim ribbon treatment. 4 3/4" Brown as bashed Approx 2" brim Dont hesitate to ask for questions for additional photos.
  2. the_imperialist

    FS: 60s grey borsalino 7 1/4

    150 USD shipped 60s wide brim borsalino with wind trolley. Great classic proportions. Sweat is coming loose in a small section (see 3rd photo) , but structurally sound. Priced accordingly. 4 1/2" crown as bashed 2 3/8" brim Don't hesitate if you have any questions or keen for more photos
  3. the_imperialist

    FS: 40s French Brown Fedora 60cm 7 1/2

    190 USD shipped Sporty French fedora in a lovely rich brown. Tagged 60cm size (23 3/5 inches). Approx 5" crown as bashed, 2 1/4" brim. No identifiable faults with the felt, liner, or sweat. Leather is supple. Please feel free to ask any questions or more photos.
  4. the_imperialist

    FS: 20s/30s German Single Breasted Peaked 3 piece approx. 40L

    430USD shipped Wonderful late 20s/early 30s German 3 piece suit. Black with self strips, single breasted with peak lapels. All the hallmarks of German tailoring - note the details on the trousers - also surgeon cuffs. Very lightweight for European tailoring of this period. Though may be a bit...
  5. the_imperialist

    FS: 40s Kensington - Stratoliner Clone 7 3/8

    Stratoliner clone made by Kensington. I bought it as a 7 3/8 now too loose for my 7 1/4 head after weight lost. Issues: small moth divet about 2mm (1/16th") across on brim (see 5th photo), and loose stitching along about a 11cm (4") secton of the sweat (see last photo) - though sweat is still...
  6. the_imperialist

    FS: 40s Wormser Supreme Quality Dove Grey 7 3/8

    40s Wormser in dove grey with contrasting ribbon and binding. Only issue is loose stitching in sweatband as per last photo. 2 7/8" Brim 4 7/8" Crown as currently bashed 250 USD shipped - make me an offer, motivated to move.
  7. the_imperialist

    Tweed jackets: a manner of dressing them

    Greetings all, Small question, only as of lately have I procured my first tweed jackets. Being inexperienced in the wearing of these ancient and tweedy garments, how should one go about ultilizing their mesmerizing powers? I have searched through the forums to no avail hence, I submit this to...
  8. the_imperialist

    Renovating a top hat

    Hello all, I have just recently come into possesion of an older top hat, it still has considerable life in it, however, the shellac frame (I am assuming) has given a little i.e. sorta like a slight fold in carboards you find. I was just wondering, is there any method, short of getting it...
  9. the_imperialist

    Marette of Cologne?

    Salut Gents Recently acquired a neat little Homburg at what I consider a fair price. Question is, I have yet to find significant info on German hats, anyone out there have prior experience with the brand Marette? Thanks...
  10. the_imperialist

    Morning Coat Alterations??

    Esteemed gentlemen of the lounge, I have recently come into the possession of a vintage morning coat, it fits just right bar the waist (which is unusual considering my girth...), now my question is, is it wise to have it altered considering the amount (approx 4.5 inches) and the relative...
  11. the_imperialist

    Greetings all

    Salutations, Tis me first debut, I have been lurking for quite a while, and have found this forum an invaluable resource, kudos to all you guys. Well, I know this isn't the bowler lounge, but I took the first plunge into 'non-modern' hats with a Bowler, and here's the results...

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