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  1. Nash Buckingham

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    I recently took a bottle of bitters to a bar I enjoy frequenting just to get a manhattan! And usually they don't know how to make a "Perfect" manhattan - it is one of lifes' discouragements, anyway the jar of bitters now resides at the end of the bar and usually only used by myself:)
  2. Nash Buckingham

    "The Rake" a new "classic style" mag

    Is this available in any U.S. outlets? I'd like to preview a copy before I pay $130.00 for a subscription - it looks fascinating, but then I still miss "Classic Style"
  3. Nash Buckingham

    Favorite Summer Drink

    Try "New Amsterdam" gin - it seems a bit lighter on the juniper and is very smooth. Makes a good martini. Large quantities of your favorite recipe on a summer evening - just the thing!
  4. Nash Buckingham

    Blended vs. Single Malt

    In some order my favorite single malts Cold weather: Hands down it's Lagavulin, then Laphroig other than that, Glenmorangie 10 yr., Glenmorangie Lasanta, Talisker, Bladnoch's John McDougall Single Cask. On a budget? McLellan's Highland is a very pleasant single malt - and not too pricey.
  5. Nash Buckingham

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    "In a Lonely Place" - twice! :eusa_clap
  6. Nash Buckingham

    The "Two Martini Lunch"

    Being a boss, I am all too ready to contribute to productivity!:eusa_clap Actually, today being friday, I met friends and it was Manhattans straight up. what with all the colds going around I thought it to be medicinal. And yes we must stand in awe of the great generation - -their...
  7. Nash Buckingham

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Martini's - - Lots and lots of Martini's! :D (it's cold outside :) )
  8. Nash Buckingham

    The Evening Tipple...

    Lately it's been McCarthy's - a fine whiskey from Oregon - a good peaty taste ala Lagavulin except a little ligher - special order only where I'm at - I'd like to see it on the shelf!
  9. Nash Buckingham

    Ladies with cigarettes

    great group of pics - some ladies just know exactly how to light up!
  10. Nash Buckingham

    Election Night Watch Party--What's your drink of choice?

    Finished the bourbon last night - but am well stocked on Tyrconnell irish whiskey - I think that's what it will be - perhaps in copius quantities! Of course it's interesting to hear what the international forumites will be doing - if anything at all! are they as worn out from our campaign as...
  11. Nash Buckingham

    Dessert wines???

    More dessert wine,,,, Have you tried Rosa Regala ? (banfi wine) it is a wonderful dessert wineand reasonably priced. Personally, I prefer crusted port over even tawny - - and it does go well with a good cigar. - no need for anything more for me for dessert!
  12. Nash Buckingham

    "Vintage" foods that are still with us today.

    Lolita, that smile just fried my bacon - - I'm heading to the diner right away! If you say pork is o.k. I'll believe it
  13. Nash Buckingham

    The Evening Tipple...

    what to drink in a hurricane In honor of the oncoming Hurricane Hanna, I thought I might digress from the normal Scotch or Bourbon,and do something tropical. having aquired some Cahaca, might try a caipirinha tonight. now,,,,if only I could figure out the best cigar to go along with it...
  14. Nash Buckingham

    Did I meet you today?

    Interesting - I too lived on Ray road years ago - I remember not being able to leave for work because the herders were taking sheep right down the middle of the road (just west of chandler). Last time I was there I was totally lost!
  15. Nash Buckingham

    "Breaking Starch"

    Agreed - also the feel when the pleat in the back pops loose and you can then move - and collars and cuffs that look right!
  16. Nash Buckingham

    Your favorite Scotch? Your Favorite liquor in general?

    Dalmore Cigar Malt Ah at last yesterday aquired the coveted bottle of cigar malt - could not get the recommended cigar but paired it with a fuente 8 5 8 outstanding flavor - it will now be added to the Lavagulin and Cao Isla! the only problem I had was wanting more :) Thanks for...
  17. Nash Buckingham


    I remember Sinatra saying "I feel sorry for people that don't drink because when you get up in the morning that's as good as you're going to feel all day" I'll drink to that! :cheers1: didn't I see in another thread that abisinthe or some other liquor was allowed because it's taste was...
  18. Nash Buckingham

    What are you wearing today??

    my good man, did you think I was referring to the dress? I just couldn't believe the whole package didn't get invited out for the evening :eusa_doh: Dittos your comment on Dahriling and smutrella - I may be on the wrong continent or hanging out in the wrong cities :D
  19. Nash Buckingham

    Rain, rain, go away....

    at first I thought, "how about a palm leaf straw hat?"- mine gets soaked and is still good but then I realized the umbrella is a better solution!
  20. Nash Buckingham

    Vintage Sunglasses

    I've been wearing the Persol reissue of the 714 folding sunglasses McQueen wore in Thomas Crown Affair http://www.eyegoodies.com/Persol-714-Custom-pr-16551.html Best sunglasses I've ever owned!

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