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  1. John J

    Question about fountain pens

    Lots to choose from and price ranges. Do you want them to use or collect? Old Sheaffers are a favorite of mine for actual use (I love the snorkel fill feature on the 1950s models) ,, another series for use is the Parker P51 esp the models from the 50s that had the squeeze fill system Vs...
  2. John J

    Question about fountain pens

    Whats up History teach, Im a history Diehard. Reading six frigates at the moment a very detailed book about the making of the us Navys first six real combat ships and all the politics that went with the territory at the time. as for fountain pens I have a good collection and use to do a...
  3. John J

    What do you use to shave?

    I have some Mitchell's wool fat Myself and it is the best specialty shave soap Ive used. The local made goats milk soap Ive been trying has been very good and Ill probably keep using it.. "John"
  4. John J

    What era of dress or style doyou prefer?

    Id have to say , though I don't do suits often (jacket almost always) For mens fashion late 30s - early 40s. For the gals I realy like the late 40s - mid 50s. "John"
  5. John J

    current production tilley hats

    Any of the Tilley hats are a fine choice I have Two , a T4 and a TM10. Both are cotton Duck. I purchased the T4 for general outdoor use and kayaking , However I did find that the T4 is a bit warm on hot summer days so I bought the TM10 that is mesh ventilated. The TM 10 is...
  6. John J

    Does anyone else hate the 'Regards' signature

    Regards is just so Blah!! cheers is also very blah too (I see it too much). another thing I hate hearing, Usually in person is "Have a good one" used way to often by many factions, esp younger checkout people at various retail establishments. "J"
  7. John J

    What are you wearing today??

    Im not vintage at all. Gray Corduroy pleated/ cuffed, Button down collar shirt navy/ white and cranberry small gingham, black wingtip oxfords, Navy sport coat super 100s fabric, Art fawcett hat granite with eggplant ribbon. that's me today 21 Nov 2013.
  8. John J

    What modern invention/innovation do you wish had *never* been developed?

    as much as they can be useful , i'm with lots of you I HATE CELL PHONES (electronic leash) no peace!! I'm sure I can come up with more items but that is # 1 on my list. "John"
  9. John J

    What do you do for Living?

    Electrician By trade. Currently (last 16 years) applications specialist for industrial electrical equipment (sales support). controls, motors, transformers, custom panels ... "John"
  10. John J

    What do you use to shave?

    Ive posted already, But since the post I have an obsevation. I do use a double sided safty razor Murker Slant and I have a standard Murker in the travel kit. USA made persona blades. I use a premium badger brush. Ive Have come to conclusion that special shave soap isn't that...
  11. John J

    Proper Barber Shop

    Hello again History teach. My Barber is My wife's cousin He just recently opened a new shop and a very nice one it is. Upstate NY. 1) haircut men $15.00 students $13.00 styled cuts like , layered, Mohawks ... $18.00 2) hot towel straight razor shave (replaceable blades)...
  12. John J

    Hat prices hurting hat comeback?

    Hey History teach, this is the fedora lounge and we like Fedoras and dressing up better than your average Joe! That said Hats are doing fine But its the baseball cap that has center stage! I see lots of Men (quite a few ladies) wearing baseball caps. Go to any shopping center and see the...
  13. John J

    Your Favorite Brandy Brands

    Napoleon Brand Armagnac. "John"
  14. John J

    What is your favorite Scotch Whisky?

    The Balvenie Double wood 12 Year as my favorite keep at the house whiskey. Another favorite is Oban also a 12 year. If I wanted to spend Lots of $ id have some Macallan, 16 or 25 in the house but too much $$$. "John"
  15. John J

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    last Night whitest reading my current selection I sipped on Napoleon brand Armagnac. Cold months its single malt Scotch or the Armagnac . "john"
  16. John J

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    The word SAY "SAY" , "You fellas want to get a beer" "Say" "You girls look great" "Say" You kids stay out of trouble "John"
  17. John J

    The loss of occasion

    no one dresses up women still do often Ive noticed the dressing down of many events. I grew up in the funeral business, back when I was a child and teen people attending wakes and the funeral itself were always dressed up. Id see children in suits or jacket and tie, girls always in...
  18. John J

    Have you flown in a vintage aeroplane?

    My step fathers friend owned the BF108 Typhoon , He found it in a barn and restored it. My stepfather has an A&P License (Taylor award recipient). I did some work on it as well. The plane was Painted in western front colors (sold to an air museum a few years ago) It was flown in the...
  19. John J

    Forward facing pleats (any company making them??)

    I commented on that thread. The pants on that thread with the single pleat looked great. Ill visit my tailor and see if he can flip the pleats around. It seems like a competent tailor could do this. oven the waistband and cinch down in the other direction. well see. custom could be an...
  20. John J

    Have you flown in a vintage aeroplane?

    we had 2 vintage aircraft in the family. My stepfather is a pilot and airplane owner. actually all the guys (stepfather and 3 brothers)in the family are private pilots and one has a rotary wing Lic too. the only Non Pilot is Me. I was a flight engineer in the Navy and did take flying lessons...

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