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    Panama hats.

    Hi guy, after a long time I'm here. Nice ti meet you, I've an answer for you. 10/13 years ago I've bought some Panama hats from PanamaBob. They are very goog till today. A friend of mine, vere in Italy, wish to buy a good Panama hat. Any advice for him, any place? What's about PB? Many...
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    This Made Me Feel Guilty About Wearing Fur Felt Hats

    Hi to all, it is very sad to see those cruel method! Anyway I don't know a method to kill that is not cruel. To kill is a sad thing to do; we eat animal meat ( I do it )...I have no answer... God bless. Riccardo
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    Hi there!!

    Hi there are you ok?? How many times passed without come in...I'm happy to find all you here and I hope you are well! My last purchase was one five panels a newsboy hat by Stetson and one cheapy basque but very comfortable. These are my first berets, I've ever dress fedora or CD style hats...
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    Military Hat Photos

    Hi to all, nice collection, thanks for show here. Every year, on september in a place near my home, Cassibile its name, there is the exposition about 08.09.1943 when Badoglio and the allied force signed for the armystice. Here you could see the uniform of italian english and american...
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    Milan Mania

    Hi to all, just a question: whats different between milan hats and panama's hats? I say, there any particular reasons to wear one or the other hat? Is only a choise reason, economic reason,I have not any milan hat, I'm from Sicily (Italy) in summer there are 30/40°C.... What do you think...
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    Fedora Lounge Appreciation Month

    Nice words Art,God bless you! Riccardo.
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    Thank You

    Hi, yes, this is really a nice place, thanks to you pretty people, you are so nice, there are here a lot of gentlemen and gentlewomen. A really friendly community. God bless you. Riccardo.
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    Naptha and Spray on Hat cleaner result.

    MAny thanks , I was near to use stove fuel (kerosene...!!!) many thanks!!!! I'll check to a dry cleaner. Many thanks again. Best regards. Riccardo.
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    Naptha and Spray on Hat cleaner result.

    Hi, since some years I'm searching for anyone could tell me what naptha is (in italian) ; here we call nafta the diesel fuel...maybe naphta is the liquid fuel for domestic stove? Best regards. Riccardo.
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    The Cap Faction

    mmm...good guys, wind days caps or basque (I've one in black color really pretty) or my newsboy cap...calm days fedoras...good idea: many thanks!!! God Bless you. Riccardo.
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    The Cap Faction

    Hi to all, an Amletic question: caps or fedoras? Could anyone tell me why and/or when to wear a cap an why and/or when to wear a fedora? To love caps is antitetic to love fedoras? I really love fedoras till I bought my first cap...need help!!! God bless you. Riccardo.
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    The Cap Faction

    Hi to all, I've just bought two caps: the first one is a Stetson hatteras , it is an newsboy hat; the second one is an inexpensive basque made in Italy 100%wool. I like very much both, they are so warm and they wear very well. I think I'll go to repeat this experience. God bless You.
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    At the Dog Track... The Whippets

    Hi Feraud, that green whippet is great, I like to much that hat. I really like that place, a restaurant I think. It look very vintage but I'm sure the restaurant is new or modern. Any information about it? Best regard. Riccardo.
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    The Curse of Indiana Jones

    Hi to all, ...and what about " Hallo cowboy..." ( " Ciao cowboy...) wearing a Stylemaster...? What a wonderful world!! Regards.
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    Welcome sir, have a nice trip! God bless you. Riccardo.
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    The Trials and Tribulations of Hat Stiffener

    Hi to all, I would like to restore a cheap steton straw hat, I've search for shellac in my dictionary: shellac=ceralacca... I really don't know what shellac/ceralacca is...could anyone put a pics of it? Maybe a shellac bottle pics... Many thanks. God bless you. Riccardo.
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    Buying first Panama

    Panama Bob is the right person.
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    Adding stiffener to a straw hat

    Hi to all, today are arrived ! Two nice PB's panama hats. Many thank Bob, you too....are a nice person. God bless you. Riccardo.
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    Adding stiffener to a straw hat

    Hi to all, I WANT a PB 13,99 hat too!!! I've emailed him a week ago but I've no answer from him. Could anyone help me to contact Bob? Hey job, could you post a pics, could you describe your new PB's hat? Many tanks. God bless you. Riccardo
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    Campdraft vs Bushman

    Hi to all, yes, it say Bushman on the sweatband; it has bound edge brims. Hatsdirect mail said that it was an Australian model, for Australian market only....I don't know anything else. At the moment I'm not able to put a pics, I'll do it in future. God bless you. Riccardo.

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