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    FS- Vintage Brooks Cafe Racer in British Racing Green sz 38/40

    That jacket is awesome.
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    FS: Double Helix Rider Unus Black, Size 40

    You should post detailed measurements and a few more details about the jacket. It's beautiful.
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    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    Been there, done that. I'll bet most of us here have! The USN Pea Coat is just a great design. It's stylish yet timeless, trim yet has plenty of room. Great pockets for your hands (esp. the corduroy-lined versions), pockets on the interior (pretty rare for military coats), great collar to pop...
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    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    I would think a 38 Long would work well. I'm 5'9 with a 40-inch chest. I have two 1966 models, a size 40R and a size 38R. The 38R fits me much better. BTW - the 40 has 25.5" sleeves and the 38 has 26.25" sleeves. I'd have to imagine a Long would give you enough sleeve length. My only concern...
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    Bronson N-1 Deck Jacket sheds tons of fibres from pile liner!

    I have the mid-level Bronson N-1 in Khaki - 80% wool. I just checked the Care Tab and it says Cold Machine wash.
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    Questions about the Buzz Rickson "Greyhound" pea coat from HPA

    Just trying to convince you to keep what you have: I gave thought to buying a Pea Coat through HPA as well. I had been considering it before the Greyhound version even became available. I just couldn't convince myself that a reproduction (which BR goes out of their way to copy) could be...
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    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    I just received a 1966 version yesterday off eBay. Pretty much mint condition. Not only does it appear to have very little wear, it must’ve been stored nicely too as I can’t find a single moth nip. $114.99 BTW - all pockets should be lined in corduroy; it feels so good.
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    Aero premier highwayman sz 40 via thurston bros

    Nice looking jacket and a very fair price.
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    Lost Worlds Suburban w/ Shearling Custom Size 40

    Not sure of the OP's height/weight/chest, but with a shearling lining (which looks pretty thick), I would sorta expect the Pit to Pit to be a little wider.
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    What do you layer under your leather jacket?

    Bronson sold a version last year. I grabbed one pretty cheap. It is great under a leather jacket.
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    Lewis Leathers , Good quality?

    People seem to like them quite a bit. Their designs don't trip my trigger and they always seem to have their logo on the chest.
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    Aero Sheene – sz 40 – nice chestnut brown color

    Those fit pics look great. I've been considering this jacket for months.
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    Nice jacket, but the sleeves are too long for me. I also had a 30's HB with the 2-piece slim sleeves. I seem to recall someone (maybe even Aero) saying that this type of sleeve was never an option, but it clearly was at one time.
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    Aero Two Tone Badalassi Slim Fit J-106

    I have a Badalassi jacket and have had several Shinki jackets. I wouldn't put one over the other, but the Badalassi is second to none. This jacket looks spectacular and people would be wetting themselves if this were an RMC, Freewheelers, or Rainbow Country. Look at those freakin sleeves! For...
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    Help!! Stain on leather jacket

    If you dye it, the stain will still show - it will just be darker.
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    FS: 1969 Star Sportswear G1 42

    Perhaps measurements would help?
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    FS: Red Wing Williston Oxford 8.5D

    I have a pair of Chippewa for LL Bean oxfords just like these. Very nice shoe.
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    Paul Stuart Black Cashmere Turtleneck - Medium

    Pretty much flawless condition although it may require a steam to get some wrinkles out as it's been stored folded. I love the quality, but I much prefer a shorter length with my sweaters. I'm 5'9 and like a 25-inch length. This one is a solid medium with a pit to pit of 20.75-inches and a...
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    SOLD THANK YOU! Rainbow Country Seal Horsehide Size 38 Brand New with Tag $850

    That is beautiful! Had and really liked the RC I had. Great quality.

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