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  1. B-24J

    Military 'woolly pully' sweaters

    I too have the full range of Outdoor Knitwear Woolly Pullys - including the "Bond". My go to is the Army as well. The one I wear most often is a MoD surplus Jersey Man's Heavy Olive Roundneck manufactured by Kempton. The former owner cut a small hole at the front inside neck and snaked...
  2. B-24J

    Military 'woolly pully' sweaters

    The "Old Time Design Company" is having a sale on the aircrew frock. Ecru and Navy. https://www.oldtimedesigncompany.co.uk/product-page/raf-aircrew-frock-jumper-air-ministry-pattern Unlike the Eastman roll neck, this has the boat neck. To me it fits like an Eastman. My suit size is a 38...
  3. B-24J

    Decent cashmere in UK?

    Hello Lit Up, I do not know your price range, however you might try N. Peal in London. Men's Cashmere Hoodies (npeal.com). John
  4. B-24J

    Military 'woolly pully' sweaters

    Hi Ticklishchap, My Email from them says the sale ends December 3rd. An international shipping upgrade lasts until they close for Christmas. My collection of Outdoor Knitwear items is going to take a big jump this year! John
  5. B-24J

    Military 'woolly pully' sweaters

    Hi Guppy, While not the contrasting olive color you are looking for, how about this from What Price Glory: What Price Glory - UK Commando Sweater (onlinemilitaria.net) https://onlinemilitaria.net/products/1013-UK-Commando-Sweater/?bc=no?bc=no John
  6. B-24J

    Military 'woolly pully' sweaters

    Though mentioned earlier on this subject: Outdoor Knitwear's "Woolly Pully" https://www.outdoorknitwear.com/3_woolly-pully?orderby=name&orderway=desc I have several of their items. Enjoy them all. John
  7. B-24J

    Good B-15 or B-15B Reproductions..

    Buzz Rickson B-15 https://www.historypreservation.com/products-page/buzz-ricksons/buzz-rickson-b-15-flying-jacket-usaaf-rough-wear-clothing-co/ I have their B-10 which is great. John
  8. B-24J

    "Reproduction" RCAF Observer Parachute Harness and Pack Tray

    Hi GJ Nord, Actually, compared to original WWII kit, the price is very reasonable. They were donated to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Mount Hope, Ontario - the Hamilton International Airport. A fantastic place to visit! Check out their website sometime (www.warplane.com)...
  9. B-24J

    USS LEXINGTON Discovered

    Perhaps a USN salvage team might recover one of the planes. Amazing how the paint has survived.
  10. B-24J

    Officers' pink shirt options?

    I am not sure about WPG and SoF, but here are some pics of "Pinks". Pinks-3 Pinks-1 Pinks-2 The Eastman trousers are very close to color and fabric of the original WW2. In normal light all three are very close. The Eastman "pink" shirt tends to the green side as does their "chocolate"...
  11. B-24J

    What is your favorite aircraft of all time?

    Lancaster DSC00142 DSC00144 Lanc-1
  12. B-24J

    "Reproduction" RCAF Observer Parachute Harness and Pack Tray

    I had an old 1960's RCAF Observer harness with grubby green webbing and missing its back pad. Harness-Before I sent it off to The Rigger Depot (https://www.theriggerdepot.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html) to replace the old green webbing with white and black fleck. Also, a new back pad...
  13. B-24J

    ALL ORIGINAL Irvin RAF type Jackets - Loving that Wolf in sheeps' clothing!

    Since I did not find Sergeant Lynch mentioned in a quick search of the Lounge, I am posting this link to the IWM. http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205125310
  14. B-24J

    Tootal Scarves Free Standard Worldwide Delivery

    I just Ordered a Tootal Scarf. A "Vintage" Red Polka Dot Silk Scarf. They are currently advertising free standard worldwide delivery. http://www.tootal.co.uk/ The price was 44.95 British Pounds. However, at checkout the price was 37.49. I did not even see a discount advertised. I'll post a...
  15. B-24J

    RAF flying gloves

    Private Purchase Sheepskin Gloves In an instruction film for the Wellington bomber, the tail gunner (the coldest position) was wearing a pair very similar to these with his full Irvin Suit. That is the reason I bought them. Very comfortable. John
  16. B-24J

    RAF flying gloves

    Modern RAF White Gloves They are not really desgined for warmth. They are almost like a ladies evening glove. I imagine they are great for flying modern aircraft. I have used these under the Aero RAF gloves. Warmer that way. John
  17. B-24J

    RAF flying gloves

    RAF Gloves Comparison of RAF and Aero Glove. RAF on left: The King's Crown is barely visible RAF interior - has fabric. Aero interior The RAF glove leather is far superior. But, for a repro, the Aero's are OK. I have a better pair of the RAF gloves packed away at...
  18. B-24J

    Aero Anj4

    Thank you John and Denny for posting the photos. Denny, Who manufactured your original? Your including the rivets/grommets at the bottom are a nice touch that other reproductions do not seem to offer. John
  19. B-24J

    ALL REPRO R.A.F. Irvin type jackets

    Size of Repro Irvin with Service Dress Tunic Question Quick question, For a repro Irvin to be worn over a Service Dress tunic, how many sizes up should one go? I have a size 40 ELC which fits fine as a jacket. However, if wanting to wear a tunic underneath should I go for a 42 or a...
  20. B-24J


    John, yes that's absolutely beautiful! Are those UK military gloves? They look like "GLOVES, MEN'S, BROWN LEATHER". John

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