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    Bi Swing back and Underarm football

    Hi, I just got Schott 641 size 38 and I found out that the bi swing back and underarm really change the comfort and range of movement. I have 673 size medium before and the range of movement is limited due to low arm hole and it doesn’t come with underarm football. I also have premier hwm...
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    Tokyo jacket by Field Leathers

    Below neck bunching imo is due to the shoulder slope of the jacket is more while your shoulder is more flat. Have you check that you have flat shoulder?
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    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    Thanks but Viscose will deteriorate with exposure to UV or get wet right? So cotton will be better?
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    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    Jacket lining question, how does viscose lining durability experience? Will it last very long? Or wool and cotton will be better option? I don’t really need for the warmth
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    Aero Oddly Heavy Cordovan Bootlegger - Size 44

    This is very beautiful leather!
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    Collar rolling/square shoulder problem

    Thanks all
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    Collar rolling/square shoulder problem

    Thanks. This is exactly what I read as well. The neck collar rolling is not only when the collar is up. I made it up just to show the obvious. Putting the collar down hide it a little but it still rolling up. I think this issue will be even worse with mandarin collar and high slope like Schott...
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    Collar rolling/square shoulder problem

    Hi all, My Schott 573 and premier HWM has collar rolling problem which I believe due to my shoulder are very flat/less slope. Does anyone have same problem? What jacket fit model/cut do you recommend for such problem? I don’t think Made to Measure will accommodate this adjustment, right? I...
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    Russet Badalassi

    Here’s the tip, stay away from this forum
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    Schott 618HH owners in 38 and/or 40? I have some questions!

    Middle one is horse?
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    Aero Badalassi Offering

    In here dozens of badalassi jacket could refer to 1-2 owners. LoL
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    Aero Badalassi Offering

    Thanks for the pics. From closeup it looks like my russet Vicenza but the overall pics make it less brown and more red and more shiny. Maybe it’s the lighting. I have premier hwm bought during the sale open house. A tad too small (bunching up on shoulder a bit) but the price and tax refund...
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    Best Leather Restorer/Conditioner

    I use honey leather and I think it works great.
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    Aero Badalassi Offering

    Thanks for the info, Can I conclude that it is heavier, stiffer, “noisier” than Vicenza at first but go softer faster? oh we need pics too :) side note: need to ban myself from this forum from time to time which otherwise too attached and concern about the fit instead of enjoying it
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    My grail jacket!? Aero Premier Highwayman tumbled brown FQHH

    An update pics will be great!
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    How to Imitate a Saddleback Leather bag...

    I think saddleback oversell the idea of full grain is the absolute best but I’m putting more weight to the tannery who process the hide. Full grain leather made by horween and badalassi vs full grain made in India from unknown tannery smell like piss is totally different ball game.
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    Aero Leather

    I was there during the sale last year. Very hectic and crowded but they still spend time with customers to discuss and give advice. It’s really good customer service. If they can do that kind of service during hectic time, in your situation, I believe it’s business as usual
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    Aero Leather

    The views are beautiful :)
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    I live in Singapore. So it’s easy to spot famous area
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    That place is Singapore Clarke Quay area! During Chinese new year Singapore shops are mostly closed for 1-2 days and less crowds. Enjoy your trip man

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