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  1. Lgrant

    Rolls Razor.....

    I was looking for a belt pouch for my Rolls Viscount. Why? Well, whether you are camping, or roaming a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you need your good shave. (At least I do--I look terrible with a beard.) And you certainly don't want your razor bouncing around in a backpack, where it is likely to...
  2. Lgrant

    Rolls Razor.....

    The common wisdom is that the Rolls can keep its blade sharp if you are good about stropping it after every shave, and honing it every couple of weeks, but it is not very good at bringing a dull blade up to par. So I bought a couple of spare blades on eBay, and had them shipped directly to a...
  3. Lgrant

    Rolls Razor Viscount Travel Safety Razor Strop Built into Case Original Box & Literat

    These are wonderful razors. I've been using one for the last decade. My dad used a Rolls Imperial, in the '50s. They are a little boxier, and have three of the Greek key motifs on the covers, rather than just one. But the Viscount is my favorite. There is also an aluminum version of the Viscount...
  4. Lgrant

    Hanging out in the tropics where I can’t wear felt hats :-(

    Hanging out in the tropics where I can’t wear felt hats :-(
  5. Lgrant

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Does anyone know a source for plastic fedora covers, like you use when you need to wear your hat in the rain? A few years ago, I found a place that had new-old stock from the ‘60s and I bought some, but I found that the vinyl had not stood up well to 50 years of aging, and they tended to split...
  6. Lgrant

    Allen Edmonds' Broadstreet's return!

    I finally made up my mind to get some calf and bone Broadstreets...just as AE was phasing them out again, and no longer had my size. So I got some AE Heritage golf shoes, which were on clearance, and as soon as they arrived, I sent them back to AE for recrafting with a regular sole. The...
  7. Lgrant

    Thanks for the shoes!

    I have recently started buying Allen Edmonds shoes. My first pair of business shoes was a pair of AE long-wing wingtips that my dad got me when I was 18. After years of working in a business casual, or even just casual (some of my co-workers wear flip-flops to work) office, I decided to start...
  8. Lgrant

    The Shaving Soap Controversy

    I have been buying my shaving soap from Em's Place, http://www.emsplace.com/ . It has glycerin in it, which makes it feel very nice, it comes in all sorts of scents, including unscented. It is a lot less expensive than the stuff you get at the upscale shaving supply places in the malls, and...
  9. Lgrant

    Allen Edmonds' Broadstreet's return!

    Regarding goofy colors, AE has been offering shoes in the "webgems" department in all sorts of goofy styles and colors, and that's a good thing: - Some of the shoes are in seasonal colors, like orange and black for Halloween, or red and green for Christmas. Now, I don't have the free disposable...
  10. Lgrant

    Like hell it's yours! Hat cards

    My dad used to have one of these cards (printed on Day-Glo orange card stock) in the sweatband of his hat, along with his business card. I never took them to be something to ward off hat thieves, or even people who want to inappropriately handle your hat. Since, back in the day, there were a lot...
  11. Lgrant

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    I am wearing my fedora from Bailey's of Hollywood. I don't have a picture of me under it, but it looks like this: http://www.baileyhats.com/images/db/bhhats/aw12/3811.jpg My girlfriend bought it for me when she got tired of me complaining that men don't wear fedoras anymore. It is my favorite...
  12. Lgrant

    Allen Edmonds:How many??

    I have two pairs of black McNeil long-wing wingtips (the same kind my dad bought me for my first pair of business-wear shoes with I was 18, some 40-plus years ago), and a pair of black Mayfairs. I just ordered a pair of black Lloyd wingtips from EBay. I don't really like the idea of wearing a...
  13. Lgrant

    All You Need to Know About Hat Etiquette

    In another thread, it think Annixter just nailed why you take your hat off when you are seated in a restaurant, but not when you sit at the lunch counter: when you are seated, and the waitstaff are standing, the brim of your hat makes it hard for them to see your face, which does not make for...
  14. Lgrant

    All You Need to Know About Hat Etiquette

    @Annixter: I think you just hit the nail on the head. These rules are not just a made-up ritual, each has its purpose, like not blocking the server's view of your face (which would not be a problem at the lunch counter, since you are sitting higher up relative to them). They are based on being...
  15. Lgrant

    All You Need to Know About Hat Etiquette

    @Brent Hutto: A few years ago, somewhere in these forums, someone mentioned a device for taking care of your hat in restaurants. It was a leather strap with a loop on one end, and a spring clamp on the other. You put the strap around the back of the chair at the top, and put the end through...
  16. Lgrant

    All You Need to Know About Hat Etiquette

    @hatophile: It sounds like you are following not just some, but most of the rules, at least as I remember them. For example, in an office building, it was OK to leave your hat on until you got to your particular office; the common area of the office building was almost considered "outdoors". I...
  17. Lgrant

    All You Need to Know About Hat Etiquette

    Hatiquette: torn between two worlds I just turned 60 years old. (My avatar picture is from when I *started* wearing fedoras.) When I started in business in the '70s, hat usage was dying down, and I was just on the tail end. Eventually, I stopped wearing hats, and I have no idea what happened...

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