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  1. Laura Chase

    Show us your vintage patterns!

    That red dress is just what I have been looking for! What number does the pattern have, Du Barry 21..? Could I politely ask for a more close up photo of it? :)
  2. Laura Chase

    Footwear for Winter

    I found these really cute boots, they are beautiful on and very reminiscent of vintage galoche. The leather even has a matte, rubber-like surface treatment. It's a Danish brand named Shoebiz, and they sell them in this online shop. PM me if you need help. :) They cost 1000 DKK, which is about...
  3. Laura Chase

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    Chie Mihara just came out with some styles very similar to those. They are beautifully made, high-quality shoes that, with proper care, will last you a lifetime:
  4. Laura Chase

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    Just a heads up: There is a pair of size 9 Chie Mihara leather lace up heels on eBay right now, they are really cute and start very low.
  5. Laura Chase

    Show us your vintage patterns!

    That is such a beautiful cut. I wonder how flattering it would be, would be really excited to see it made up!
  6. Laura Chase

    Can you help me date this item??

    That makes a lot of sense and explains why it's black! I just didn't think that maids would wear such frilly pinafores. :) If anyone has photos of anything like this, please do share. I also have to add that it's not open in the sides like an apron but closed like a full dress (which I intend...
  7. Laura Chase

    Can you help me date this item??

    Black 40's pinafore? Hi ladies, Recently I bought a dress on eBay, I love it, but it strikes me as kind of strange: it's a black (supposedly) 40's pinafore. I love black, cotton and dresses that are sculptural so I had to have it, but I have doubts as to whether it's authentic vintage. Have...
  8. Laura Chase

    San Francisco salon recommendations?

    Personally, I'll be going to Kai. :) But I've also heard that the Wak Shack on Haight is good.
  9. Laura Chase

    So, do you wear Sunscreen?

    This stuff actually beats Shiseido, and is much less expensive: http://www.bananaboat.com/products/14625.aspx?cat=3&curBrowseBy=Usage
  10. Laura Chase

    What is your favorite red lipstick brand/shade?

    I love NARS' shades but am not always in the mood for the dry texture. The lipsticks did not mix well with my regular lip-balm, at all, but then I bought a beeswax lip-balm and it works great with NARS lipsticks! :)
  11. Laura Chase

    Show us what you've made!

    deadpandiva, those are so lovely, you have great taste! I can't wait to learn to sew. Lady Day, I love this dress! The fabric is quite amazing.
  12. Laura Chase

    Show us your hair do's....

    I don't know how you do this, but it's AMAZING! Just breathtaking. You should do a tutorial?
  13. Laura Chase

    High Waisted Pants & Jeans!

    Wonderful! Are those truly high-waisted? They look like they sit a little bit under the waist on the mannequin.
  14. Laura Chase

    Show us your hair do's....

    First of all, that hairdo requires quite long hair, to the middle of the back at least. And you need a good thick rat or extra hair to attach to your own. Also, since it sits so low on the back, I don't understand how you would attach it? Unlike a normal back roll, which sits higher, that one...
  15. Laura Chase

    What is your favorite red lipstick brand/shade?

    Anyone else adore NARS Shanghai Express? It's a wonderful shade of red, it doesn't pop and overpower like say red hot red or even russian red but creates this lovely velvety deep color that is great for everyday use. But the consistency is very dry, so I apply it gently with a brush, otherwise...
  16. Laura Chase

    Retro-extremists? What are we called?

    Anachronist is beautiful, auditorily, but doesn't it have quite a negative connotation? I mean, the words "anachronism" and "anachronistic" are mostly used in a negative sense, kind of like "old-fashioned". In everyday language, it has a connotation of misplacement, error. Just take this into...
  17. Laura Chase

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    I got these beautiful Faryl Robin shoes on eBay for just $4.25! I was stoked! They are amazing, well made and the leather is soft and beautifully braided. The model is called Canary.
  18. Laura Chase

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    There are some really, really cute grey suede Chie Miharas on eBay right now, EU size 38.5, I have the same ones in purple suede and they are gorgeous.
  19. Laura Chase

    Lace it up - The true Corset thread

    Sylvanrealm is right in pointing out that some corsets are made to emphasize curves more than others. Historically, corsets had different shapes, and this is reflected in the models of corsets available today. As an easy example, here are three very differently structured models from What Katie...
  20. Laura Chase

    Cold Cream- Brands and advice!

    My eyes have always reacted like that to the Boots cold cream, and in fact, also to Pond's. I never get it close to my eyes! Wonder which ingredient is doing this?

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