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  1. The Wiser Hatter

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Johnny just sent me this new Walbash fabric cap lined. The fabric is thicker than my summer version of this cap. The workmanship as always is top notch.
  2. The Wiser Hatter

    Hats on TV

    Perry Mason on HBO has really bad hats. So many different styles that don’t match the era. Perry’s hat is all wrong. An his investigator has a real bad cap who’s drape is very badly made.
  3. The Wiser Hatter

    Musician's hats

    Rick Wakeman of Yes
  4. The Wiser Hatter

    On Retirement And Hats

    All I miss about my job is the people. I don’t miss the stress of a job. I also don’t miss having to work 7 days a week. I now can spend time on my hobbies and taking a walk everyday.
  5. The Wiser Hatter

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Waiting for wife at physical therapy
  6. The Wiser Hatter

    WTB - 7 1/2 Newsboy

    https://etsy.me/2LIvJFL https://etsy.me/2mWgBFz Two members of the forum.
  7. The Wiser Hatter

    Need hat advice

    I see a ton of this style on old guys [emoji1787] You see it in leather and wool and canvas. More of a modern take on what someone who think is a western hat. https://www.cabelas.com/product/MENS-WOOL-FELT-LEATHER-TRIM-HAT-WITH-EARFLAPS/3283658.uts...
  8. The Wiser Hatter

    Birds with hats.

  9. The Wiser Hatter

    Guide for first fedora/hat

    I wouldn’t buy a custom hat as a first hat. I would go new or a vintage hat. One just doesn’t know what style they will like to you put it on your head. You see many people sell their custom hats or not wear them much because when they put it on their head it didn’t look as good as they...
  10. The Wiser Hatter

    Guide for first fedora/hat

    First buy a hat but don’t spend a ton of money on it. You will most likely not end up wearing it as you will learn from that first purchase. You will learn that what you think you like and what you end up liking is two different things. [emoji3]
  11. The Wiser Hatter

    3D printed hat blocks by RANDAL ALAN

    I can understand that hat makers would want new blocks as the old blocks are very valuable and there are just a few wood block makers. I would think the blocks with textures would be for someone who looks at a hat as a piece of jewelry that they wear as a statement. Where as most on the forum...
  12. The Wiser Hatter

    Hat(s?) : exclusivity vs diversity

    I just run thru my collection. I wear one fedora a week and the. Switch it out for another one. I also wear 20’s newsboy cap and hear them during the day running g to the grocery store or other tasks. I switch them out every time I go out. Everyone knows I have a large hat collection and I want...
  13. The Wiser Hatter

    Peaky Blinders Newsboy

    I wear both as many here do. Fedoras, caps and berets all are great choices to wear. Peaky Blinders has really bad caps all cap wearers here have said some many times. In watching BBC historic dramas they have always had really bad caps. I would cringe every time one was on the screen. Their...
  14. The Wiser Hatter

    Tonak Factory, September 6, 2019

    That was a great trip I am sure it was fun.
  15. The Wiser Hatter

    WORLD'S FIRST 3D PRINTED BOATER HAT, but does it even make sense?

    Nice Start and I am sure you learned a lot from this. Figuring out how to have spaces between would be a fun Tweak to the design.
  16. The Wiser Hatter

    A Few Questions About Fedoras?

    If I worried about people making fun of me I would never walk out of the house. I have been wearing hats long before it was a thing. The problem when first starting to wear hats is finding the style that fits your personality. What brim width and crown height works with your head shape...
  17. The Wiser Hatter

    Straw Hat Troubles!

    No too hot still[emoji1787]
  18. The Wiser Hatter

    Happy Birthday Art!!!

    Hope you have a happy birthday Art. [emoji3][emoji512]

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