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  1. gtdean48

    The Resistol Roundup

    Just to pile on a bit... I have had both Stetson Beaver 100 & Stetson One-Hundred. They are very close & think the One-Hundred pre-dates the Beaver 100. From what I've learned the One-Hundred was a 7XCB that was taken by a Master Hatter at Stetson factory & done completely by hand. The regular...
  2. gtdean48

    FS Royal DeLuxe Stratoliner Vintage 7 1/2 LO w/ box, pin

    This box has the inside portion as well. The hat has the wind trolley attached, very rare for Stratoliners.
  3. gtdean48

    The Stratoliner Society {VINTAGE}

    Just posted a complete set = Royal DeLuxe Stratoliner 7 1/2 LO, Box, & Pin in Classifieds. Excellent condition hat. Box is in nice condition.
  4. gtdean48

    FS Royal DeLuxe Stratoliner Vintage 7 1/2 LO w/ box, pin

    Rare vintage Royal DeLuxe Stratoliner with box & pin. Sold all together. $650 plus actual shipping cost in USA.
  5. gtdean48

    Western, anyone?

    Does anybody know where American Hat Company & Bailey's get their western hat bodies made? I know HatCo has felting plant in Longview & Winchester in TN makes bodies but is there another source besides Fepsa in Portugal for western weight hat bodies?
  6. gtdean48

    WTT Stetson OR 7x CB 7 5/8

    WTT Stetson 7x CB Open Road 7 5/8 Shudde Bros refurbished. Looking for Western style 7x CB, same size range, 3+ inch brim
  7. gtdean48


    Looking for western 7x CB, large size, 7 1/2 LO to 7 5/8, 3+ inch brim. Have nice 7x CB OR Shudde Bros refurbished for trade.
  8. gtdean48

    Vanson size 46/44

    Interested. I have a Vanson 44 that fits just right, want a black one too...especially at this price.
  9. gtdean48


    PM sent earlier...
  10. gtdean48

    The Stetson One-Hundred "100"

    Buler on here bent some once upon a time. He has a jig & the plastic pieces but just can't get him to bend any more of them...HTH
  11. gtdean48

    Hatband do's and don'ts

    +1 I have a hook full of bands, leather, cloth, cords, skins, etc., & change out bands on western & dress hats as the mood strikes me....none of them very wide tho...whatever cocks your pistol...
  12. gtdean48

    Anyone selling a Stetson stratoliner 7 5/8?

    Vintage or modern?
  13. gtdean48

    Hat Epiphany

    I'm with you in the style department Moon = mid-ribbons, Playboy & Wanderer, & thin-ribbons, Open Road/Stratoliner.Within eye-shot of where I'm sitting = Campdrafts, Open Roads, Stratoliners, customs (both mid & thin ribbon), 2ply or thin leather banded Westerns. They get worn. All the ones in...
  14. gtdean48


    I had Art do that to my 7 1/2 7X CB but I was going to wear it regularly which I do. I have a pristine 7X CB OR style in true 7 5/8 but it is a refurb by Schudde Bros. The liner & size tag are 70's. Willing to take photos if you're interested in working a trade. How wide is the brim?
  15. gtdean48


    Definitely interested. Looking for more western 7X CB than Open Road style I have...
  16. gtdean48

    who has an OR style in 7 5/8?

    What's your price range Moon? I have a nice vintage Knox OR clone that I may be willing to part with. It's not getting any noggin time & needs somebody to wear it.
  17. gtdean48

    Western, anyone?

    Western is more of a hat body/model than brim length. Dress hat bodies are a lot softer than Western, which have a lot more shellac & very rigid brims. JMHO
  18. gtdean48

    Western, anyone?

    https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0342251/ Born in Oklahoma, Grimes went on to become a well-known rodeo competitor winning trophies in the Bucking Horse competition at Cheyenne in 1915
  19. gtdean48

    Western, anyone?

    Dusty Rhodes Collection by Texas Hat Company with Conagher type crease, handmade rattlesnake band, handcrafted brim curl Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  20. gtdean48

    FS: Fidelity cafe racer, Johnson hand warmers

    This jacket still available?

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