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  1. Louise Anne

    The perception of fairness

    I tried in vain to point this out to the people who own and run this forum and for some reason they do not understand my point. If a bartender starts a thread and makes some point and then receive a complaint against them be it right or wrong , it seams a little odd that they are the once...
  2. Louise Anne

    1940's England

    Yes she had a strange colour of seamed stocking on which did not look like cotton more like nylon, thanks for remining me lol, I also did enjoy it BTW . the ladies here might find this funny http://www.wartimefarm.co.uk/2012/11/16/suspenders/
  3. Louise Anne

    1940's England

    In answer to the original post I would say not a film a BBC drama called The best of Men, "Entertaining drama about the birth of the Paralympics in 1948. The remarkable Dr Guttmann comes to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and begins to tranform the lives of his patients. They are paralysed...
  4. Louise Anne

    'Judgements' by rosea posey

    Dose it really matter who has created it L/D ? I would say to you is art all about or at least in some part to provoke some form of thought from the person who looks at it it could be photo of a full nude , or a one of a cute pussy cat drinking milk in this case it hapens to be a lady with...
  5. Louise Anne

    'Judgements' by rosea posey

    BTW L/D is this your view becuse it is not mine? and do not understand where i said it?
  6. Louise Anne

    'Judgements' by rosea posey

    Louise, You haven't wound me up about anything. I take it by your tone in this PM that you feel you are on a moral high ground, and I have offended you (and perhaps one other person who I will not bring into our discourse). I would beg to differ. Your comment of assuming this photo was...
  7. Louise Anne

    The tobacco speakeasy...

    I do not know if any one has been prosecuted in the UK for braking this law, maybe some one else here know this. I not even sure who would be in trouble the individual or the pub/ owner of the premises
  8. Louise Anne

    The tobacco speakeasy...

    In the UK you cannot smoke inside a Pub yet if the owner puts up a tent in the Garden that's seams to be OK, also you cannot smoke on a unmanned railway station even without any building on it or even if your the only person waiting for a train. As far as I can see the law holds firm maybe that...
  9. Louise Anne

    'Judgements' by rosea posey

    Deliberately thought up by a teacher to provoke some form of reaction from there students.
  10. Louise Anne

    'Judgements' by rosea posey

    I see that image as been done by some one who deliberately wanting to wind up ladies on the web. I actually do not even think it's worth giving any thought too.
  11. Louise Anne

    Excuse me Miss, do you Blog?

    it's nice to see a blog about the 40's Hat's That
  12. Louise Anne

    sheer blouses

    Am I been stupid in thinking that sheer blouses were not worn say in the 50's with the bra clearly showing http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/758/Blouses to me this is day wear with that skirt Puzzled! or is it a new modern take on vintage and thus not vintage at all just nice modern clothes.
  13. Louise Anne

    Regulation lengths

    Christian Dior had a certain length for a skirt for a lady in his mind and there a photo of him somewhere using measure stick to tell if she wear wearing the right length or not . apart from Dorota makes about it been wartime which would be a government of a country your in then it's just...
  14. Louise Anne

    show us your lippy

    This is a really old shade Great vine by Clinique I never that sure matching the shade as close to what you are wearing works that well.
  15. Louise Anne

    Is vintage style is relevant today.. take a look

    OK I know that you all are fans of vintage style or you would not be here. As St. Louis found it can be a little different in the UK. so I thought I bring to your attention this BBC TV program, no not another costume drama , this time it's real life or real people The Choir ( BBC TV) about...
  16. Louise Anne

    Nothing but Seamed Stockings

    I just been told this on another forum "It would appear that there is no longer ff nylons being produced in the United States, the company making the last having ceased production some time ago, and the machines are now laying idle." So it is looking a little bleak for the USA ladies now...
  17. Louise Anne

    My Personal Nine-Day Challenge

    Yes I agree with the above you have to be in the right area, if there is a vintage event going on there there are plently of people wearing vintage, it's not really a middle of the day thing over here .
  18. Louise Anne

    Nothing but Seamed Stockings

    Gio's are made in the UK, so if you are thinking about buying them then check out some UK sites. http://giostockings.com
  19. Louise Anne

    Is the powder room dying on it's feet.

    I decided to start a vintage fashion / retro fashion & lifestyle group on face book, if it gets bigger then I will move it over to a face book page. If you have a genuine interest in Vintage fashion and life style then please PM me for the group address. It's going to be chit chat question and...
  20. Louise Anne

    Is the powder room dying on it's feet.

    There is a big reluctance to accept there is something wrong with this forum, instead there seams to be a culture of every one ( as a whole) here is in the right and an individual is always wrong. That's different from been down right offensive If I say that I am offended by some post or...

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