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  1. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    DDD, I actually finished a dress today...but it's from a modern pattern. I started another from a vintage DuBarry pattern but got fed up and put it down until tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have some stuff to post soon! Good work on your latest dress!
  2. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    Lovely, lovely things! You all are inspiring me to get sewing! :D
  3. Lotus Leroux


    Well said Lauren! I, too, have an Etsy store, and I do appreciate how easy it is to list your items for sale. That being said, I have only sold 2 things so I am disappointed. I do, however, find things I would like to buy on Etsy all the time. As for Ebay, I sell way more things there but am...
  4. Lotus Leroux

    Show us your vintage patterns!

    Lauren- great dress! I look forward to seeing it made up! ShrinkingViolet- I hope you can track down that missing pattern piece because that is a fabulous dress! I just bought this McCall pattern on Etsy.
  5. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    Lady Day, that dress is my favorite one that you have made. Just fantastic! Look forward to seeing pictures of you in it. fluffy-tiger, those bras are amazing! Welcome!
  6. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    LOVE the dress RHRH! Perfect for summer and looks very vintage indeed.
  7. Lotus Leroux

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Just back from the theatre where I saw Indiana Jones. Great fun! It has been way too long.
  8. Lotus Leroux

    Crochet anyone?

    Thanks Ohairas and Windshe! Windshe, the pattern is a free pattern from Lion Brand dot com. The name of the pattern is the Medallion Motif Scarf. :offtopic: Ohairas, my mom inherited the furniture from my grandmother when she died years ago. Thanks for the compliment! :)
  9. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    Lady Day, cuuute stuff! I love the pockets on the pants. :D
  10. Lotus Leroux

    The Powder Room has been restored!

    I am having the same trouble. I hope that information can be restored! I noticed the same difficulty with the sewing thread too. :( :offtopic: I love your avatar ShooShoo!
  11. Lotus Leroux

    We're Back From The BRINK!

    I couldn't agree more!
  12. Lotus Leroux

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Thanks Lady Day and RubyRedLocks! The inside of the magazine is pretty fab. So fun to look at!
  13. Lotus Leroux

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Everyone has been buying such lovely clothes! :) I did not get clothes but I did get a 1942 issue of Glamour magazine, and some neat jewelry.
  14. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    What great stuff Swinging Bee! I especially like the jacket. :)
  15. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    Way to go Lady Day! I like the dress, but I really like the top you made from the dress. The fabric is adorable! Is it vintage?
  16. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    I like to use cottons for day dresses, and blouses but have made some skirts too. Snookie is right, I am a sucker for some of those reproduction prints! :D Generally though, if it is something I am going to be wearing to dance in, I will choose a more drapey material. That being said, I...
  17. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    deadpandiva, you have been busy. What cute stuff!! Lady Day, I love the dress! The material is perfect!
  18. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    Sunny, super cute skirt and nightgown! I saw that skirt pattern once in an online pattern shop and thought about buying it...now I wish I had because it is so flattering with those pocket details. Great work!
  19. Lotus Leroux

    Show us what you've made!

    Super cute Lauren! :)
  20. Lotus Leroux

    Do you ever think you are going insane?

    I can completely relate! I actually own a 1930s wedding gown, complete with the vintage undergarments that the original owner wore way back when. And I have never even been close to getting married! But I saw the dress a few years ago on Ebay and I just had to have it. I guess I still hold out...

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