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  1. Terry "The Hat"

    FS: Akubra Federation, 61, Tawny fawn

    I take it that this the "Standard" model and not the Deluxe?
  2. Terry "The Hat"

    Sterkowski hats...opinions/experiences wanted please

    I've been noticing them a lot on Ebay too and wondered what quality they were. I'm more into the proven classic hats and don't hardly ever order anything new anymore except for my Akubras which are still a great deal and great quality.
  3. Terry "The Hat"

    FS: I have two Federation IV size 60m on Ebay. Moonstone and Charcoal NWOT

    Received the Charcoal Deluxe today and it's a very nice. Perfect fit!
  4. Terry "The Hat"

    FS: I have two Federation IV size 60m on Ebay. Moonstone and Charcoal NWOT

    I ordered the Charcoal Deluxe and can't wait to get it. I've had the regular in a Moonstone and sold it. I've always wanted a dark colored Deluxe but didn't want the brown. Should be here tomorrow or the next day. Great price.......thanks a bunch! Terry
  5. Terry "The Hat"

    WANTED: open road or similar beater 7 5/8 - 7 3/4

    I have two campdrafts and love them. It was my first major hat purchase here and I also ordered one of the Fedora Lounge Green Special Edition CD's last year which I love. I'm wearing a Stratoliner (early lightweight model with no liner) in my Avatar.
  6. Terry "The Hat"

    FS 10X Beaver Hat Fedora sz. 62

    I have found that the xl is usually a true 7 1/2 or a snug 7 5/8 at best.
  7. Terry "The Hat"

    FS: NOS Stetson OR in 7 1/2. Circa 1959

    Can you post a link to your Ebay Listing?
  8. Terry "The Hat"

    7 5/8 Knox 20 Open Road clone 3" brim $200 CONUS shipping included

    Man, if I didn't already have three OR's and two Akubra Campdrafts I'd be all over this one. It looks brand new and my exact size!
  9. Terry "The Hat"

    7 1/2 XLO Stetson Open Road, vintage Canadian, Optimo Refurb $115 CONUS

    I've bought several hats from Tom and had him work on several others and I if you get one from him it's gonna be as good or better than new. This is a sweet one!
  10. Terry "The Hat"

    What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

    Yeah, it's not like the seven minute cigarette standing in the freezing cold. We are talking about a good 90 minute smoke sometimes and you gotta be comfortable to enjoy that.
  11. Terry "The Hat"

    What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

    Just for fun I'm smoking a Green Iguana as I type this. Not the best constructed cigar but it was cheap and it has a good flavor. Not my normal choice but hey....St. Paddy's day is just around the corner. We are having "Filthy Hooligans" this Saturday night at the cigar lounge where I hang out...
  12. Terry "The Hat"

    WTB: Vintage Whippet in 7 1/2

    I've been watching for one for two years in a 7 1/2-7 5/8. They've been bringing upwards of $400 on eBay!
  13. Terry "The Hat"

    Alessandria by borsalino 7 5/8

    That is a beautiful Lid. Do you know approx. how old it is?
  14. Terry "The Hat"

    FS: Akubra Campdraft "Fedora Lounge Special Edition" Size 61 "SOLD"

    I'm sure Kyle realizes that he got one of just thirty of these beautiful hats that exist!
  15. Terry "The Hat"

    FS: Akubra Campdraft "Fedora Lounge Special Edition" Size 61 "SOLD"

    Good Job Guys! Keep em in he family.
  16. Terry "The Hat"

    Zac Brown's Fedora

    I really liked Zac's and Mumford's lids. Nice pinch on both. I thought Zac actually looked very good in his. It is hard to pick up detail with a camera on a black fedora but I caught enough to know that they were some of the best fedoras I've seen on one show at one time in a long time. Beats...
  17. Terry "The Hat"

    Fedora Lounge Edition {Everything Australian } Akubra Camp Draft 2 5/8s brim

    Thank you sir. I'm still wearing your old 25 almost daily but have been giving it a well earned rest since the new CD came in. I'm gonna send the 25 off to Optimo for a good cleaning and reblocking this Spring.
  18. Terry "The Hat"

    Most inconvenient places to be a hat wearer

    I don't have a problem with wearing any of my hats in my Chevy Impala and didn't in my late great Caddy Deville either. Most all of my hats are high crown but I'm careful to duck when getting in. Some cars with the higher back seats or headrests can be a pain in the neck (literally) but in that...

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