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  1. pigeon toe

    Rave 'n' Rant

    Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream The only thing that has helped lighten my acne scars so far! It's slow going, but I can tell the difference, especially when I'm diligent about applying it twice a day.
  2. pigeon toe

    That one thing that you need to feel like yourself

    Well, I didn't realize it until they were gone, but my eyebrows. I recently went to a beauty school to get them done (don't make my mistake!), and they left me with almost NOTHING. I've been penciling them in for about a week now, but I miss my big old brows that I thought were such a hassle...
  3. pigeon toe

    Ladies show us your best.

    This is my favorite dress right now. Sorry I don't have a full body shot! The print is just amazing though! ChanteuseCarey, you have some AMAZING outfits. You look lovely in them!
  4. pigeon toe

    Does anyone use a name that's not their own?

    I used to get called Dee by most of my friends. It was one of those nicknames that started off as something else completely and then just got shorter and shorter until it was Dee! Considering my real name is Meredith, it confused a lot of people! Now only a handful of my friends call me Dee...
  5. pigeon toe

    Grooming: From Low Maintenance to High Maintenance

    I do a lot of things that fall under the "high maintenance" category, however, it doesn't ever take me very long. I take less time to get ready than some of my friends who don't do their hair or wear makeup! I guess I've been doing it for so long that it's become a bit of a routine. The...
  6. pigeon toe

    What Are You Reading

    I just bought Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900-1939 by Virginia Nicholson. I'm excited to start reading it, it looks fantastic!
  7. pigeon toe

    Show us your hair do's....

    Here's my usual do for graduation yesterday. Unfortunately I have a really terrible sinus infection so I look a little under the weather. It was the first time I wore vintage in 6 months!
  8. pigeon toe

    Love Letters (ladies only!!)

    Whenever I start falling for someone I start writing, A LOT. It's mostly short, stream-of-consciousness prose, and I never send them to the person. I do go all out with birthday cards and the like to my significant others. My ex, however, was not a big writer (AT ALL), so I never got anything...
  9. pigeon toe

    Your occupation and how you dress

    I work in the Special Collections department of my library, so I have to be able to wear things that I can get down on the floor or climb ladders in. I have done both successfully in vintage, but I tend to wear jeans, a cute vintage-inspired blouse and a cardigan. I need to dress nicely because...
  10. pigeon toe

    good drugstore brand pressed powder?

    Thanks ladies! I'm going to Target today so I'll check out some of your suggestions. I'm probably not going to make my Coty into a pressed powder because I'm running out as it is and don't feel like buying a new one before I leave. But how would you even do this? I'm not familiar with the process.
  11. pigeon toe

    good drugstore brand pressed powder?

    I'm going to be going to Europe for 3 weeks and I'm bringing just a backpack, so I gotta travel light! I wanted to bring some powder with me but I use Coty Airspun Loose Powder, and there's no way I'm packing that. I've tried a Covergirl compact of pressed powder and it was too yellow and cakey...
  12. pigeon toe

    tats up the arm..

    I feel like that happens when you're involved in a subculture at one point or another. Eventually you start dressing for yourself and not to be easily identified as a rockabilly, goth, punk, what have you, and then that group suddenly thinks you don't have the same credibility as you once did...
  13. pigeon toe

    Back to zits

    Oh my good lord, I went to my facialist last week and she recommended the BEST product ever! If you have clogged pores that just won't disappear, get the Bioelements Amino Mask. It's pricey (I paid $52 but I found it cheaper on ebay). My clogged pores were like skin-colored bumps or small...
  14. pigeon toe

    Favorite liquid eyeliner

    I use medium brown instead of black because I think black looks too harsh on me. 6 months ago, maybe, Revlon was making matte eyeshadows, so I scooped up a good medium/dark brown shade and have been using that with water for my eyeliner ever since. I rarely wear eyeliner because I need to touch...
  15. pigeon toe

    Fashion for today?

    If I found one that flattered my figure I'd wear it! My friend Diana is super fashion-forward and always looks cute and she has a few modern jumpers that she wears out and about and always looks fantastic in.
  16. pigeon toe

    songs that make you shiver/cry

    The guy I'm dating played "Mad Rush" by Phillip Glass for me the other day. Beautiful, beautiful song. And the way he spoke about it was even more beautiful! He said when he listens to it he imagines everyone in the world waking up at once, ready to accept whatever life gives them. I get shivers...
  17. pigeon toe

    Mascara on upper lashes only?

    I only do the top lashes. I'm lucky and have dark, long, and curled eyelashes, so even then sometimes I only do the very tips of the lashes, where they are blonde.
  18. pigeon toe

    Back to zits

    I'm pretty sure it's hormones because I never had acne before this and it started about 3 months after I went off the pill (which is usually when your body starts producing it's own hormones again). I was recommended on another community to use a 20% solution of tea tree oil as a toner at...
  19. pigeon toe

    Back to zits

    I'm about to lose my mind. It's been almost a year since I've been off the pill and my zits just keep getting worse. I KNOW it's hormonal, but I refuse to go back on the pill. I'm seeing my gyno next week and I'm praying she'll be able to give me something for this. I know there are a few...

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