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    Western, anyone?

    Egos clashing, petty sniping. They are hats, not mega- yachts or maseratis. I'm out of here.
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    Western, anyone?

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    Ask a question, get an answer

    That's right. His early cues could be bought for a couple hundred or so. But they became progressively more expensive.
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Good quote. She will soon figure out that her prices are way out of line. I hope she adapts and does well.
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Well put. 30 years ago a good friend of mine began making pool cues. His first work was crude and simple, poor inlay work, etc. But he got much better. Now his average cue costs 3-5 thousand dollars, and many in the 15-20,000 range. Collectors all over the world have his cues, and he has been...
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Yes it's called passion and the American dream. She may become one of the greats.
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    The Bowler or Derby Hat

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    The Bowler or Derby Hat

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    The Bowler or Derby Hat

    New here but I've noticed that most bowlers have a homburg like brim. Are they ever called homburg bowlers?
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    General question about coats: how new could a coat be and still have the amalgamated union label? The style or brand is kensington.
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    Hat Storage

    I've made several inserts from strips of cardboard and then covered them with tissue paper. Pretty simple really.
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    How do folks react to your hat wearing?

    Just started wearing vintage hats about two years ago and only had compliments when I had on a beat up straw. Fuggitabout the borsalino, habig,cervino, bentley, champ etc. This is a ball cap area.
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    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    I'm new here and having a little trouble navigating, but I recently bought a Bentley hat and cannot find any info. Looks like a well made hat. Would send a pic but I have to reduce it first. Looks to be a fur felt fedora with leather sb and satin liner. Anyone have one?
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    Like hell it's yours! Hat cards

    Ok got it. Thanks
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    Like hell it's yours! Hat cards

    Hello everyone I got a nice cavanagh a few weeks ago and it had an amusing card inside from the seller. I saw a variation of this card recently. Do you find these often?
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    Stratoliner Box & Brim Curl

    Thanks much! I've been learning a lot from the fedora lounge.

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