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    Dita supports PETA

    Rooster, I am a sucker for animals and have been so since a small child. I have always been that way and it's in my blood so I don't think it will ever change. :o Anyhow, I am not talking tax dollars but grants of some kind from public donations. I know they are out there, but have not had...
  2. K

    Dita supports PETA

    I can totally relate to this topic right now. I have a stray cat that lives under the factory across the street from my house and she was coming here to eat. I couldn't refuse, she was all skin and bones and was starving. Anyhow, low and behold she brings me her two kittens who are feral...
  3. K

    Where's Kimberly?

    Hi all. Thanks for asking about me. I am sorry I haven't been around lately. I have been really crazy with work, family and other personal matters and sadly my computer time has gotten less and less. I am hoping to find some time to come in here this weekend to catch up. :o
  4. K

    Vintage Bathing Suits

    Thanks, I love the neckline too and the feeling of the suit which was surprising considering it's wool. You also have to love the built in bullet bra. Lord knows I need one of those. lol
  5. K

    The Price of Thrift

    Miss Brill, nothing annoys me more than seeing a suit with stains and tears going for about $25.00!! Our thrifts have raised their prices slightly but I am willing to pay extra for good quality merchandise that I can either wear or sell. I limit my purchases to things that are either vintage...
  6. K

    The History of Broadway

    I went to a wedding near NYC this weekend and one of the benefits was NYC's channel 13 which is PBS. It had so many good programs on there and one of them was the History of Broadway. I was able to watch the history from the 20's to 50's and it was really good. I guess it's a 6 part series...
  7. K

    Comments You Get When You Dress Vintage

    I wore a 50's gorgeous dress to a wedding this weekend and was swarmed with compliments. People would come right up to me and say "that is vintage right". They could tell right away by how it was made. The thing I am getting most often is "I love your sense of style". I am standing out due...
  8. K

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    I am drooling over all of the purchases! I have been very good this week and haven't bought anything which is a record for me. The last thing I bought for myself were a huge jar of buttons for $10 at a flea market. Look at these pretties! I can't wait to start sewing them on things!
  9. K

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    A very pretty 1950's lace dress with tiny silver sequens sprinkled here and there. It is just enough sequens to give it some sparkle without making it goddy. I will be wearing it with a silver choker and vintage bruno magli pump shoes! :eusa_clap I am already feeling better but am now...
  10. K

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Just checking in to look at all of the pretty purchases. I bought a couple of things this weekend but have not taken pics yet as my allergies have been kiling me and have no energy. I am also getting ready for a wedding this weekend. Keep up the shopping ladies!
  11. K

    Show us your hair do's....

    Oh and Pink! I love the new avie!!!
  12. K

    Show us your hair do's....

    Lolita, as usual LOVELY!! I was able to get a reverse roll in today thanks for my trusty electric rollers. I just rolled it the opposite way put in hairspray and let my hair set for 20 minutes and voilla! I am so grateful for electric rollers!
  13. K

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Timorous you got quite a deal for that amount of money. They are all so pretty. Think of it this way, it is an investment and you are going to look so cute this summer!! lol
  14. K

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Pink, I love the buffet and it looks so good with all of the family photos on there! :eusa_clap
  15. K

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    I went to a couple of thrifts today and did pretty well. I got all of this for $8.00 total!! I have been wanting glasses like this for a while so I totally lucked out when I saw two pairs!! These are the black ones and they have rhinestones all over them! And some...
  16. K

    Vintage Bathing Suits

    I hope nobody minds me bringing this back up to the top. I wanted to post here quickly before I headed off to work. :( Anyhow, this is a VBO purchase and I got it super cheap. I just recieved it and tried it on and it is the best fitting bathing suit I have ever owned. I don't think I...
  17. K

    The Single & Ridiculously Good-Lookin' Room

    The only way I can tolerate it is in the summer. It has to be ice cold and a light beer. I also have to have lime in it! lol
  18. K

    Foods that shouldn't be allowed in your house because you will eat it all

    Speaking of mint chocolate chip. My favorite sundae of all time is one with mint chocolate chip and very hot fudge with whipped cream. I have not had one of those in ages. Sigh, I have been thinking of all kinds of no no foods for about a week now. I have to make sure I can fit into my dress...
  19. K

    What's cooking?

    Turkey Cheeseburger and a salad.
  20. K

    Fashion Trends, What Infulences Them?

    I totally fall for detail. The more lines, buttons or other unique attributes draw me to particular garments. That is why I love the clothing of the 30's and 40's so much. I actually think trends in women's clothing has a lot to do with the conditions of women in society in a certain era...

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