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    The very best image of yourself

    The ole Geezer on the Left !!! ...
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    The very best image of yourself

    I'll start the ball ROLLING ...
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    Photobucket Problems

    RE: Photobucket They've been having problems for the past week. It's not YOU !!
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    "Time Traveler" in 1941: "modern" dress in old photos?

    I'm fixing too... Post a photograph of me with the boys during the Winchester Hat Factory tour and I wasn't even really there... ___________________ or was I... ? lol
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    Obsolete Occupations

    Lizzie are you telling us that your take on all the new fangled gadets is closely aligned with Dave? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKiIroiCvZ0 Go ahead tell us like it is, don't hold back. lol
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    Name Tag Placement on A2

    Hey :offtopic: Does anybody know where the nameplate goes on an A-2 jacket? Thanks, Mike Dlol
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    Hey New Yorkers - need a recommendation

    Give Momma Mioni's A Try Just don't rush the ole gal or she'll send you packing down to Chucky Cheeses. lol
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    G-1's for uniform wear

    RE: Navin323i G-1's were issued to: Coast Guard, Navy and Marines. A-2's were issued to: Air Force and Army. (with the Marines always getting the hand me downs)
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    "The Pacific" - can it possibly live up to expectations?

    Gentlemen These are the kind of comments that take this forum over the top, while I do also like the light hearted topics. I enjoy those that speak their minds and are on track. Thanks, will have to dig up a link to episode two. NOW I can't wait for the DVD's. lol
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    G-1's for uniform wear

    I had no earthly Idea That they were so adorable, looking into adopting one !
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    The Dumbest Comment I Ever Heard

    In Keeping with this Threads Topic Where you to state 'some' country's were corrupt, I would tend to agree. But with the qualifier that those country's are merely temporary regime's. In the case of Cuba, albeit a long term situation. I wouldn't say that most nations are inherently corrupt but...
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    Favorite Vintage stuff that just hangs around.

    One never knows when a good wagon wheel will come in handy. That's the ole 'Be Prepared' spirit Mr. J_B :D
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    Obsolete Occupations

    That's what they told the 'teller' phone operators, here then they switched over to the #5 switch. But again, not much customer service there either. Hmm, wonder if I'm on to something here ? lol
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    Obsolete Occupations

    Four Pages !!!! And nobody's mentioned customer service at a bank ! lol
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    What leather conditioner do you use?

    A simple google translation of that page: You can save a lot of Gold, by switching your auto insurance to GEICO.. ;)
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    G-1's for uniform wear

    Hey Peacoat I found the A-2 in my size! You was absolutely right about the nomenclature.:eusa_clap I was looking for something else at the time and there it was. Thanks !!! (ain't it a downright shame about those little naugha's?) lol
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    Help with an M-41 FIELD JACKET

    I know nothing of this company Maybe you have already dismissed this but just in case... I tripped over these looking for something else. Real McCoy's none the less. http://www.vintagetrends.com/Military/thumbnails.asp?MC=Military+Vintage&CA=Men&SC=Jackets%2FCoats&ST=M-41
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    G-1's for uniform wear

    C'Mon naugahyde ? Now I know we was the poorer of the five services and everything, but naugahyde ? I also knew that the first issued jacket upon arrival with the fleet at K-bay that the jacket was so flimsy it had to be a knock off. No doubt about it. Somebody in supply had a...
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    Obsolete Occupations

    LizzieMaine Have you ever looked at sodastream dot com ? I have friends who have this gadget and they swear by it, it's pretty economical and could be as close as your kitchen without the move! I have the small gun type like you mentioned and just about everything dealing with it is a...
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    G-1's for uniform wear

    Welcome to this forum I see you can't PM just Yet... Gotta get your post count up to 15 ! ASAP Marine. Atticus, after schooling and a year in Oki/Iwakuni he'll be heading towards your parts. Keep an eye out for him! Oorah ASRT/DASC 1972-79 sixties

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