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  1. Marcus

    Art Fawcett Pecan 7 3/8

    ARGH!!!!!!Interested, but just can't right this moment.
  2. Marcus

    Vintage Royal Stetson

    My size! If it's still around after the 1st, I'd be interested. Just can't do it now.
  3. Marcus

    WTB: Boy's Suit

    Too small, but thank you for the link.
  4. Marcus

    WTB: Boy's Suit

    Looking for something to fit my skinny 11 y/o son. They grow like weeds at this age, so if it's reasonably bigger, I'm all ears. His measurements are as follows: Head: 21.5 Neck: 12.5 Shoulders: 14.5 Neck to waist: 16 Chest: 27 Waist: 23 Shoulder to wrist(Sleeve): 20.5 Outseam...
  5. Marcus

    What's the meaning behind your Avatar ?

    Thanks all! It's a great place. "Buena Vista Street" is like walking on a backlot. All done up in LA Spanish Revival with Carthay Theater (a fantastic restaurant) as the crown jewel. Sorry... off topic, but lots of great photos from that day here...
  6. Marcus

    What's the meaning behind your Avatar ?

    From the Grand Re-Opening Day at Disney California Adventure when they transformed the front of the park into 1920's LA.
  7. Marcus

    Vintage Stacy Adams Strawfut Style shoes size 8.5D

  8. Marcus

    FS : 8th AF Uniform for Sale. Tunic, Pinks Trousers & Shirt / Tie (UK)

    These are my exact sizes...would be interested in photos. Here or to marcusDOTholtATgmailDOTcom
  9. Marcus

    FS : 8th AF Uniform for Sale. Tunic, Pinks Trousers & Shirt / Tie (UK)

    Interesting...photos would be great.
  10. Marcus

    Disneyland 1955

    Great video. We were there on Monday for my boy's 10th B-day. So great to see how much the place has and has not changed. Love going there.
  11. Marcus

    Show us your motorcycles!

    Mine and a friend's BMW R35s, repainted, stenciled and unit marked
  12. Marcus

    FS: Dressing gown, gray trousers, plus fours

    Liking the plus fours. Big for me, but I can bring them in. Will be watching the auction!
  13. Marcus

    1940s glen plaid DB men's suit SIZE 40 for sale

    Too cool! This is the one I wanted, but have nothing to trade you. I'll take it!
  14. Marcus

    1950s Striped Sportscoat -- Rockabilly Jacket

    Nice! Interested. It would fit me.
  15. Marcus

    Vintage Mirror w/hat hooks

  16. Marcus

    Vintage Fedora 7 3/8 LO

    I want this hat!!! Was away a couple days. Serves me right. Any chance I can take you up on your last offer??? Was looking for something in this color scheme.
  17. Marcus

    WTB: Brown and White Spectators

    PM Sent!
  18. Marcus

    WTB: Brown and White Spectators

    Looking for some brown and white spectator/wingtip shoes. I'm a size 8.5-9.
  19. Marcus

    WTB: The Powell by Matt Deckard

    That's exactly it. I need to find a couple buttons and move the existing ones back in. Otherwise, this one came to me fitting perfect. Just don't have a good lid to go with it.
  20. Marcus

    VTG 1930s Friedman Shelby's Perferated Cap Toe's

    Oh if I had the dough! Got the boater and linen suit.

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