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  1. Boyo

    Lost Worlds Suburban Brown HH size 46

    This one is lingering on eBay, the funky zipper is scaring people away It’s easily an $800 jacket, a new zip from Dena at Leather care specialist is between $100 & $175 as per her website $650 shipped in USA, international TBD lost worlds leather jacket Brown Horsehide Suburban Size 46...
  2. Boyo

    Jackets For Sale:- Bill Kelso, Dehen, Levis, USMC

    A few things for sale that I haven’t been wearing…PM if more photos or measurements needed. Prices include shipping in US, open to international with shipping TBD Bill Kelso Indy Jacket size 46 really Nice sheepskin $500 P2P 25.5” Length 26” Shoulder21” Sleeve26.5 Reproduction USMC P-41...
  3. Boyo

    Kerr Cafe Racer Size 48 Black Steerhide-Free

    received this bargain recently... not right for me and looking to pass it on. black steerhide leather is actually pretty nice, YKK zips and quilted lining all in good shape. If you want it it’s yours FREE.. you pay the shipping.. P2P-27” Sleeve- 26” Back Length-25” Shoulder 21”
  4. Boyo

    Reed Cafe Racer Jacket, size 50 Black Steerhide

    For sale is the following Reed Cafe Racer Jacket in a size 50. Made from soft but heavy & grainy Steerhide. YKK zips, original zip in liner included. Measurements: Chest-26" Sleeve-28" Length-27.5" Shoulder-21" Jacket made in Detroit Mich. USA $150 including shipping to you PPFF.
  5. Boyo

    Has anybody seen ____ around Lately?

    @HoosierDaddy I hope you're doing OK, your voice is missed
  6. Boyo

    For Sale. Rising Sun Canvas Vest- Brown Duck -XXL

    Rising Sun Duck Vest XXL $125 P 23.5 Sh 14 L25
  7. Boyo

    Interest Check - 3 Aero's and 3 Lost Worlds Leather Jackets Size 48

    Interest Check on the following jackets, I thought I would post the list before taking pics .. ( I didn’t want to change my mind) I will take & share photos if there is interest. Prices include shipping..(unless its crazy, then we can discuss splitting cost) LW Easy Ryder Black HH size 48...
  8. Boyo

    Eastman B-6 size 48

    Selling my Eastman B-6 ( it’s listed on eBay) pm for TFL price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eastman-B-6-Leather-Jacket-Size-48/224324140248?hash=item343ac2bcd8:g:FcsAAOSwyE1gCe~u Measurements in inches P2P 26 Shoulder 21.5 Sleeve 25 Back length 25.5
  9. Boyo

    Cafe Racer Unknown Maker.. FREE

    I received my eBay bargain today... doesn’t fit, russet brown leather is actually pretty nice, talon zips and quilted lining all in good shape. Does not smell If you want it it’s your FREE.. you pay the shipping P2P-23” Sleeve- 24” Back Length-24” ** Jacket has been "SOLD"
  10. Boyo

    Where did your jacket go today?

    Post a random photo of you, your jacket, or wherever you may be at the moment...
  11. Boyo

    Himel X Orvis Transcontinental Railroad Steerhide Jacket

    for Sale - Interest Check Himel Bros x Orvis Steerhide Leather coat in size XL $550 shipped in US, international shipping at true cost. I’m open to marking customs value lower if desired Worn but well loved jacket has a few surface marks, loss of color.. or is that patina? Pit to Pit 26”...
  12. Boyo

    F/S Aero Happy Days Jacket size 48 Black Jerky Horsehide

    SOLD Aero Happy Days Jacket Size 48 SOLD shipped in US, international shipping at actual cost. I’m open to marking value lower on customs if desired. Black Jerky Horsehide with olive knits and tartan lining Absolutely mint jacket in like new condition not close to being broken in. The jacket...
  13. Boyo

    Ship John

    As these guys continue to gain in popularity and continue to put out some nice jackets, jeans, belts etc I figured I’d get a thread started.. to kick things off, amid the current chaos I received this Tan Wills jacket today. I was able to snag a spot on line in November 2018. Not too long...
  14. Boyo

    Good Wear Ventura size 48 - Russet Capeskin

    Double post
  15. Boyo

    Good Wear Ventura size 48 - Russet Capeskin

    For sale is A Good Wear Ventura made from capeskin. This is labeled a size 48 but is probably closer to a 46. This jacket was made in 2012 and for a variety of reasons a new one from Good Wear is probably unattainably at present. Overall the jacket wears very light weight but the leather is firm...
  16. Boyo

    Attractions Engineer Boots size 10

    For sale are my pair of Attraction Engineer boots in size 10 these are the lot 269 and made from Steerhide I’ve owned these for about 5 years and have worn them a fair amount, they have been well cared for but have some wear to the heels and half sole. The leather upper is in great shape but...
  17. Boyo

    C3 vest by The Few/Real McCoys NZ size 46

    For sale is a C-3 sheep-skin vest The vest made by the Few of New Zealand and is a size 46. This vest has the nice b3 pocket to add a bit of functionality. It's made from South African Merino skins that are very soft. The 6mm fleece is a golden color. The asking price is $350 + shipping...
  18. Boyo

    Aero Dustbowl Battered Seal HH / size 48

    For sale is my Aero Dustbowl made in battered seal horsehide size 48 Just about 2 months old & purchased directly from the Aero sales pages. $525 shipped in US. Open to negotiate international shipping Measurements P2P-26.25” Sleeve-26.5” Shoulders -20.25” Back from collar seam- 25.5”
  19. Boyo

    Good Wear Hercules

    "The waiting is the hardest part"... As has been fully documented in a few threads here on TFL these last few years I placed my Good Wear order on March 29th 2014.. well today the wait ended, and it ended in the best way possible. John Chapman delivered. I could gripe about the wait, the gaps in...
  20. Boyo

    Mister Freedom Road Champs -Black -size 10.5

    Same as the brown RC I posted these black RC are too cool to wear only the few times a year I wear them, I’ve worn them a good amount but they have been babied. They are close to perfect but they do have some rubs, scratches, sole and heel wear. I can share more photos if needed. I’m asking...

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