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  1. CliffG

    1935 mail order catalog boots

    I saw this ad some time back and wanted this pair of boots. I was able to make this close estimate to the ones in this ad from 1935. I finished these up some time back and have worn them quite a fair amount. I know the cats paw brand heel and builtrite sole are not period correct and should...
  2. CliffG

    My New Old Jacket!

    I like this jacket, it looks like someone wore it a lot, they must have liked it also.
  3. CliffG

    1935 Chicago Mail Order Co. work boots

    I came across a website http://vintagereveries.com/ some time back through a pin on pintrest while I was looking at pictures of vintage boots. The ad that caught my eye and heart was for their work boots. I love everything about all three variations of these boots they had for sale. I know...
  4. CliffG

    Hats and Funerals

    I got off work early today and was walking down the street to my car, I saw a funeral procession motoring along towards me, I stopped and took off my had while they passed by keeping my head lower in respect. After they passed I put my hat back on and went on my way. I was taught as early as I...
  5. CliffG

    Comment by 'CliffG' in article 'Eleanor Roosevelt, Daycare Pioneer'

    This is a very nice article, our world is so full of things like this that just fade into history as time goes and never cross my mind. I kept going back to look at the picture and the shoes sitting on the chairs; I have always paid attention to shoes people wear and I wonder the story they...
  6. CliffG

    favorite cars of the golden era

    The humble Volkswagen Beetle is my favorite.
  7. CliffG

    Down another rabbit hole I go.

    Here I go again heading down a new rabbit hole; I always keep wanting to learn different skills or refine my current skill set to something different , most often it becomes a hobby that I put money into and it gladly takes it from me and asks for more. After a while of this I loose interest...
  8. CliffG

    What do you think of modern "Street/Punk" Fedoras?

    I saw a kid come out of the post office in a pen stripe suit and an economical fedora, he then tossed down a scate board and wizzed past me as he said hey man get you one of these things (refering to his scateboard) I was dresed in a suit and wearing a fedore also. I think it gives people an...
  9. CliffG

    Wearing a tie in a company that does NOT embrace ties?

    I wear a suit and tie to work every day, I am in management position and the only one in my office, the other people in my position and higer do not dress like I do, they are more casual like your company, but when some one makes a comment my remaik is "The manager at Mc Donalds and WEndys wear...
  10. CliffG

    Pin up clothing

    ahhh yea but that is in the for the ladies only section...ummm I can not go there... :)
  11. CliffG

    Pin up clothing

    I bet 97.3% of you have already seen this source for vintage reproduction clothing, but for the 2.7% that has not here is the link. http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/ have a decent day! Cliff
  12. CliffG

    Does this mean I am getting old, or just finaly smartened up a bit?

    Thank you everyone, I did talk to an officer, he said he was aware of how this cat operates and would go and find him and recommend that he not come bye any more. I guess it is nice to have some one else do the heavy lifting, and hopefully stop it all now. Thanks again everyone. Cliff
  13. CliffG

    What are you wearing today??

    she does not need to walk in that dress,! Standing there looking wonderful is good enough ...Right?
  14. CliffG

    Fedora Lounge Age Demographics

    could you put an "EHHHH! What did you say SONNY" on your choices?
  15. CliffG

    Fedora Lounge Age Demographics

    Happy Birthday Dee, you and my daughter are danGed near the same age!
  16. CliffG

    Does this mean I am getting old, or just finaly smartened up a bit?

    I have hit a "first" in my life late this afternoon, it is something that I, as a younger man had not crossed my mind. I bring this here because I have a great deal of respect for the people who come to this place and post their life and their likes and passions. I read a lot of good posts...
  17. CliffG

    What are you wearing today??

    this picture is perfect, I really think the bicycle is the finishing touch!
  18. CliffG

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

  19. CliffG

    What are you wearing today??

    your hat really goes with your outfit. Is the band leather? it looks great! Cliff

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