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  1. Rosie

    I'm Baaaack!

    Hi All, I've survived the first 17 months of motherhood somewhat unscathed and actually feel like myself again. I actually have a little time to do some things I like. So, what've I missed?
  2. Rosie

    Plus size vintage and vintage inspired

    Hi, I don't think taking them in would be a great idea unless done by an extremely talented seamstress. There is a lot of fabric in the skirts of the dress, two of them are full circles and one is a circle and a half. Also, the breast part might be a little tricky. Honestly, the dresses...
  3. Rosie

    Plus size vintage and vintage inspired

    White and Floral Party Dress Sorry for the delay.
  4. Rosie

    Plus size vintage and vintage inspired

    Thanks, will do before evening is over.
  5. Rosie

    Plus size vintage and vintage inspired

    Please let me know if you are interested in any of these things and I will post wonderful pictures. I'm admitting I don't want to spend time taking and posting pictures if no one is interested. Vintage and Vintage inspired clothing for sale. -Vintage - Wool and fox fur coat. This coat is...
  6. Rosie

    Birth Announcement

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of the kind words and well wishes.
  7. Rosie


    Awwww, I came here specifically to see what you all were saying about the last two episodes. Is no one else watching? :(
  8. Rosie

    Birth Announcement

    Thanks Everyone! I'll be home for quite sometime so I'll be around a lot more.
  9. Rosie

    Birth Announcement

    Happy New Year All! I know I've been MIA for a while, I've been busy sleeping and nesting. Just wanted to announce the arrival of my little one, Harmony Nayeli. Harmony was born on December 18, 2008, coming into the world at 6.2 pounds, 19.25 inches. Harmony at birth Decked...
  10. Rosie

    Show us your Thrift and/or yard sale finds

    Beautiful!:eusa_clap I got some great finds for my LO this weekend also. Just have to take pics and upload them. Guess you all will see them within the next few months or so. lol
  11. Rosie

    Vintage-y Mamas

    Cloth or disposables? I'm going with cloth. They've come a loooooong way since the cloth dipes of yesteryear. I must admit I'm completely addicted and my little one isn't even here yet! With such cute bottoms crawling around the house, I couldn't resist.
  12. Rosie

    True Blood

    Is anyone watching this? Easily my favorite new show.
  13. Rosie

    Give your patriotism a boost here: Share what makes you feel patriotic

    I don't consider myself patriotic in the traditional sense at all. However, I do take great pride in my city, my neighborhood and my profession which is essentially building up young people and in many cases, helping young people stay the course or even find their course. This helps build a...
  14. Rosie

    Vintage maternity and vintage clothes for kids

    The swollen feet thing is HORRIBLE. The only time my feet won't swell is if I am wearing sneakers. Sneakers don't go with my attire AT ALL vintage or otherwise but, sometimes ya gotta sacrifice. It was cooler for a few days here in NYC so, I did do the wide leg pant, blouse, swing coat...
  15. Rosie

    Modern and repro hats

    Hats with a Vintage Feel Insomnia is at it again. Up in the middle of the night shopping, I came across this geat etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=54475 Hope you ladies like!
  16. Rosie

    Vintage maternity and vintage clothes for kids

    Congrats Miss Dottie and DecoDoll!! I'm expecting too and honestly, didn't even try to find any vintage. With plus size vintage being such a full time job to track down, I didn't even want to try for plus size maternith vintage. I've been in full blown maternity for about two months, I'm in...
  17. Rosie

    Idlewild New 1930s musical

    Dragging up an old thread This popped into my head while some of you were discussing him in the 'Mr. Rover of the Today Show' thread. To witness some of Andre Benjamin's style and love of vintage, watch Idlewild. I for one liked it a lot. Not really a vintage or throwback movie as much as a...
  18. Rosie

    Mr.Rover is on the Today Show!

    Okay, I'm hone now, (internet is down at work). Yeah, Ray should have won. I called my mom so she could watch and she thought so too. Funniest thing all day: my mom, "Is that man wearing an orange VELVET blazer? Ugh!"
  19. Rosie

    Mr.Rover is on the Today Show!

    I haven't been on as often I used to be you all may know already but, I just saw Ray ( don't know his screen name) on the Today show. I think as a part of Esquire's best dressed man. Cool!!!!!! :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  20. Rosie

    You know that summer really IS over when...

    When the very clean, very shiny school hall floors which you've been walking on, mostly alone, for three months now have sandwiches smooshed into them. :( When the thought of wearing a sundress to work is quickly replaced by something more sensible and professional. When my tiny office...

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